Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Quarter Review

(This is one of the posts I lost and it suddenly appeared again. I wrote it on March 31, 2014)

It is hard to believe that over 25% of the year is completed. I decided that I would look at my progress four times this year to keep on track. My goal this year was to Explore and I have done that.

Life Style

I have changed my life style a lot. First it was changing what I ate and loosing weight. I attended the diabetic clinic, got a glucometer and was on the road to feeling healthier. I have lost 33 pounds and have my glucose readings in the normal range though it does go down into the lower range. My blood pressure is under control through medication and exercise, thyroid medication was changed for the better, and the pressure was lowered on the CPAP machine.

Exercising was an indoor thing due to colder than normal weather. I know our winter was mild compared to other places, but we experienced higher humidity than normal and the temperatures cooler driving most people inside. I used Wii Fit  Plus and was exercising 35 minutes per day. On March 1, I decided to go to a run club meeting and from there I have been outside three times a week walking, running, and having a good time.

running in the snow

We finished up decluttering on March 28 and was happy to see the last of it go. Once the basement is finished and cleaned, we will do the next level of decluttering. It won’t be a lot, but there will be some more to go out of the house.


I have done less sewing this quarter than ever. I am okay with that as I have been doing other things and living a more balanced life. Though hard at first, it has become easier to walk out of the sewing room to do other things. It has made me more appreciative of the time I am in the sewing room.

I have a shirt pattern for me that I like from Sure Fit Designs. It took three tries to get what I wanted.


I am ready to make myself a vest from an OOP pattern.

I did buy some fabric at great sales to make muslins. This has worked out well as most of my fabric is too expensive to make into muslins that may or may not fit. I have been to the fabric store a lot less and only for items on my list.

One rodeo queen dress muslin was sewn for a fitting. The dress is cut out, partly sewn and ready for the bling. The lining is partly done. This is the first of 3 dresses I am making and that is all I plan on doing. It is less stressful this way.


I made 5 artfolios that were purchased for an exchange by a group of moms in our community. They were fun to make. I also made 2 kidlets for 2 boys I tutor. A mystery quilt came out and I joined it. It is done over quite a few weeks with clues coming out once a week.



I haven’t done any embroidery as I only have one machine, the embroidery machine which I am sewing on. I have to take the other machine to be repaired. Once I have two machines, I plan on doing more embroidery. I did play with the courses I bought but not a lot of it was new. I have a book to go through and as you make designs, you stitch them out. I also have other projects to stitch out and make up. But, I like having two machines when I embroider. I usually sew when the embroidery machine is stitching out.

Knitting and Crocheting

The Dude’s sweater was a disaster so I ripped it out and started it again. The back and the left front are done again. The right front was started.

Yarn for projects was purchased as I wanted to try out new patterns. I crocheted some hats and cowls plus knit three cowls from new patterns and the yarn I bought. Fun items for the craft tub.

005  008

Next Quarter

Run 5k (well walk run 5k) in a marathon and start the next session of run club. I plan on remaining in the beginners group and won’t be running 5k in a marathon in July.

Eat well and loose 10 pounds. That means no extra sugary foods which means good glucose readings.

Make the vest for myself. Though I have made this vest about 10 years ago, I want to make it again for myself. I have a couple of things to work through with the zipper (interface the garment fabric at the zipper for stability and a bit of extra weight) and sewing up the side seams which includes the lining.

Sew a western shirt for a friend.

Start the second rodeo queen gown and have it ready for bling. 

Complete the mystery quilt and start a Halloween quilt using the disappearing nine patch design. This doesn’t have to be done until mid October.

Finish the Dude’s sweater and start a scarf for myself. The scarf is to go with the vest.

Be outside every day enjoying life.

Until the end of June……………………………………

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