Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pen to Fabric and More Borders

Yesterday started out cool with the temperature at 4C. It did get to 19C before the clouds rolled in and cooled it off. By bedtime it had started to rain and we must have had several showers during the night. All is wet outside.

I started out the day with PlayWork. As I didn’t have the information, I walked 3 minutes and ran 4 minutes for 7 intervals plus walked another 15 minutes after that. That wasn’t what I was to do but it was okay as I won’t be out again until Friday. That day I will do a total of 30 minutes.

After the workout, I worked put the zipper into the top as promised. I had to add a piece to the bottom to lengthen it before I could start. All went well and it was out of the house before noon. Once that was done, I finished the second border (as everyone calls them). Two rows of 29 pieces in a checker board design.


They do look nice on the black lining. I am enjoying this simpler mystery quilt though I am rushed for time with so much going on this week. But, it has me craving to do another quilt later on.

Before I ended the day, I sewed the darts in the bodice of the girl’s dress and pressed them.


I am ready to draw and cut out the skirt. I have read the instructions on Chinelo's blog quite a few times and think I have it in my mind enough that when I put the pen to the fabric, I will be able to transfer numbers to marks and lines.

We have a lot of fun with Elliott, our cat. His new place to sleep is our bed as he loves our plush blanket. He also loves to snuggle under the light weight blanket at the foot of the bed.




Today, my plan is to start the two longer “borders” on the mystery quilt. I would like to work on the skirt of the dress if I have time. I have to be at the hospital this morning to have a blood pressure machine put on and then a photo session just before lunch.

Until tomorrow……………………

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  1. Hi, i just wanted to let you know that I nominatedyou for the Liebster Award.
    follow the link to my post http://sewingadventuresintheattick.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/liebster-award-my-nominations/
    free pattern cutting seems so scary to me