Sunday, April 27, 2014

Skirt for Dress Done

It was an incredible day yesterday. Though the wind blew some, the sun shone and it was perfect for Family Gardening.

Twelve children and their parents showed up for the event and it was fast paced. Children planted zucchini seeds, transplanted pansies into one tub, herbs into another and a tomato plant into a third. Each child went home with their four containers, a potato to plant at home, fertilizer and a ceramic ladybug.

After lunch, I went out and mingled with the bees to shoot pictures of the blossoms. Here are a few I really liked after I cropped them.






Last year, one of our peach trees broke a branch due to the weight of the peaches on it. We propped it up and duct tapped the broken part so the peaches would finish ripening.


We figured the branch would be dead this year. But low and behold, 85% of the branches lived and have blooms on it.


It continues to be propped  up and might need one more prop nearer the duct taped part. We will have peaches off this tree again.

After that I worked on the skirt of the dress. To refresh my memory, I looked at my worksheet once again.


 The quarter circle was made at 5 7/8” and I came down the side 3 7/8”. I then cut the front skirt to 24” long by 48” wide. The quarter circle was drawn at the top with the fold at the left.


From the top point, the length of 23.5” was measured down the side and across the bottom to make the circular skirt.


The bodice was pinned to the skirt and sewn with a 3/8” seam. I sewed slowly and moved the skirt so there were no puckers. Well, only one which was quickly fixed.


The back skirt is similar but the width is 1” wider so that 1” turned to the wrong side and pressed (zipper in center back). I cut it into two pieces each 25” wide by 24” long. This time I laid the back with the wrong side out and the center back (which had the turned under part showing) pinned together. The template was traced at the top and the skirt length measured 23.5” from the center back to the side seam.


I pinned the back bodice to the skirt with the fold lines matched up. They didn’t match at the outside edge but I didn’t worry about that.


The back is done and the dress is ready for the zipper and to be sewn together.


I am gone today with Boogie the Bridge, which was our goal for the end of this session of run club. My goal is to walk three minutes, run four minutes to cover 5K. Today’s goal is to finish the race with a secondary goal of 55 minutes. After we cheer in some of our 21K friends, we plan on getting a ambrosia apple tree, a few missing groceries and then home.

Until tomorrow………………….

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