Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Little Girl’s Dress Muslin

Yesterday started out sunny and then the storm clouds came in making it cool. All storms split and missed us. By the end of the day, it was lovely once again. This morning is cloudy and it looks like it could be a damp day.

My turn to get the blood pressure machine for 24 hours was once again cancelled yesterday. The technician still can’t get into the program. I go now on May 5. Maybe that is a good thing as I really need to sleep well for the next few nights.

My morning in the sewing room was less than stellar though I started out strong. I realized that I could make the quarter circle to cut out the waist of the skirt using this neat tool.


After a bit of fiddling, I got what I wanted and started to draw and write down numbers.

005 006


I had a couple of oops when making the skirt. Lack of brain power and the ability to understand what Chinelo Bally had written. The back of the skirt turned out like this when I read and did what I thought she had written. Lesson learned; think while reading. And visualize what she wrote.


I then did the front skirt.


When I attached it to the front bodice, the skirt was too big in the waist.


Back to the drawing table and I made the waist template smaller; the size of the bodice at the waist. Back to the cutting table and I started all over again. This time, I made sure the back pieces were separate with the 1” turned under at the center back seam before I started drawing. The pins at the one side indicate this is the center back of the dress.


 I sewed them on to the back bodice pieces wiggling and fitting them together. I think I will make the darts a bit narrower the next time; 3/8” rather than 1/2”. I can always make the darts deeper if the bodice is too big.


The back is ready for a zipper. Then I moved onto the front skirt. One mistake of not making the skirt width wide enough and then I got it right. Think while you read is the name of the game. Again, I will make narrower darts on the front bodice.


Thank goodness this is a muslin. And my exploring time. So far it has been a lot of fun and I have learned lots. Enough that I will make this dress up in nice garment fabric. I will document the process with numbers to get the size that fits this little girl.

The final steps for the mystery quilt are out and it is a simple layout. I will fiddle with how I want it to look on our bed when I have a couple of hours. Once that step is done, it won’t take long to sew up.

Today I am off to the city to shop and for an appointment. I have a lot of stops today so must be organized to the nth degree.

Until tomorrow………………………..

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