Monday, April 21, 2014

Drawing a Bodice on Fabric

We started out warm and saw the sunshine and then………….it got cloudy and it cooled off. It did get to the forecasted temperature though. Easter is like this even when it is late. This morning is cool at 2.9C.

A big part of yesterday morning was spent cleaning the house. The head fell off the steam mop again causing me to get upset. The Spousal Unit put it back on with a larger screw but I will have to get a new one. This one’s days are limited. While waiting for floors to dry, I did sew on the strips for the mystery quilt and got the first one done.


 After lunch, I started on the dress that Chinelo Bally blogged about. With all the measurements and the instructions on the iPad, I got started. The bodice length was cut (13” in this case). From the folded edge, I measured 15” and cut it off (30” was needed according to the instructions; chest measurement plus 6”)


 One inch was turned under on each end (center back edges) and pressed.


Those center back edges were then folded to the center front fold and pressed until the piece measured 7” x 13”.


With the folded edge facing to the right, I followed the instructions of measuring:

  • measuring 1/2 the back measurement from the center fold
  • measuring down from the above dot the shoulder to chest measurement plus 1/2” (6.75”)
  • measure the 1/4 of the chest measurement plus 1” (7”)
  • from center front measure 3.5” over and 3” down.

This is what it looked like after I drew in the neckline.


And then I acquired a mess trying to figure out the armhole. Out came the kids package from Sure-Fit Designs to help me along.


I did a mock up on a piece of tracing paper to get the idea and some numbers on a ruler you can’t see for the mess. I put the numbers on the mock up for future reference. The arm hole was drawn in and a thin line drawn down from under the arm to the waist. All the black lines were cut out and we had a bodice.


Following the directions, the bodice was folded 3.5” from the center front. The front darts are 3.5” long. The same was done for the back but the darts are 4.5” long.


Ready to sew the darts. It was exciting to see how you can make a bodice using the information Chinelo gave. Next is the skirt.

I cleaned up the cutting table and laid out part of the next squares so they can be sewn together today.


At this point I had to stop and start supper. It was a fun day in the sewing room. I am learning and exploring and enjoying myself.

Today I have to install a zipper and then sew the squares for the mystery quilt. I need to have it done for Thursday for the last clue. I also hope to go out and run this morning. I have to do two this week and then it is the big day next Sunday.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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