Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hottest Day; Record Broken

We had our hottest day for this summer yesterday. The sun shone and the temperature rose to 38.5C or 101.3F. The smoke moved in again and it held the temperature up longer than normal. It is 15C or 59F this morning and the smoke lingers. We broke the high temperature by 2.9C (1967).


I saw the doctor and have to pick up a new prescription for my lovely underactive thyroid. I also have to go on high blood pressure medication and eat better. I am sure it will all come together when I am on the meds for a few days.
The Spousal Unit has half of the shed painted and it is looking good. Better than the yellowish-tan primer that was on it.


I spent time doing mundane things that didn't require a lot of heavy lifting or hard work. I sorted all our patterns into a box and tossed 25% of them into the thrift shop box. Once done, I went through all the books and binders in fabric tubs and sorted out 25% of the books. The rest don't quite fill a box. The binders came upstairs and I put all the information not on the tetra drive on and put what was missing in the binders onto an external drive to give to a friend who does machine embroidery. Then I checked the craft pamphlets to make sure they were on the tetra drive and will put them into the staff room for staff to have. The empty binders will go to the thrift shop as they are in excellent shape.
I did look at the fabric but need to put the boxes back into a closet before I touch the fabric. I also need to take the two large bags of garbage out to the garbage can. Once that is done, I can start on putting away fabric and tidy up the notions. I am moving ahead that I hope to dust, sweep, and wash the family room end of the suite.
I am putting together a game plan for the sewing room as it needs to be looked at carefully if we pack. I want it all into boxes in a very short period of time. I know it can be done.


We need to grocery shop, find a painter, and get my prescriptions filled this morning. This afternoon I hope to clean up more in the sewing area of the basement. I know I will be busy but at least I will be in the cool of the basement if the temperatures are high.
Until the next time.............................

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