Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Few Sewing Ideas For The Future

The hot weather has returned with the past two days being about 35C or 95F. As we head into fall, we can have these lovely hot days but we also have cooler nights. I do love it when we wake up to cooler temperatures.


I see the doctor today to see about my thyroid. I am thinking I may get a prescription change as I am tired even though I am sleeping better.
The outside of our house is getting its make over. The front steps are painted and the shed is about 30% done. The Spousal Unit is feeling stronger though he does not paint outside when it is hot.
I have the upstairs cleaned and am keeping it clean on a daily basis. I am pleased that it is easy to keep looking great.
I have had no time to work in the basement so I am behind on finishing up that space. It is frustrating to say the least.


I will be spending some quality time in the sewing area these next couple of days. I think I have a purge coming on. And it will happen.
I have been thinking about my Christmas sewing. One of the ideas I had was to make table toppers and napkins. Now it is place mats and napkins. I also want to make microwave soup bowl holders to go with them. The fabric is:
  • Placemats out of a directional print with cardinals on it (black, red, grey)
  • Napkins out of a grey/white snowflake print
  • Soup bowl holders out of a black with a white snow flake print lined with white with a red snowflake print.
These may or may not get done this year but I will have the fabric and ideas to do later on. I will be doing a lot of sewing one way or the other.
The doll dress will be done when I finish cleaning the sewing room. I will be rethinking what I will be doing with the dolls -- selling clothes vs pattern making vs both. I do want to take Pixie Faire's course on pattern making before I make a decision. I really am thinking of signing up for the October course even if it could be a busy month.


I am going to the doctor's, the cat hospital (to board Elliott while we are away) and work in the basement. A busy day.
Until the next time.................

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