Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fire Becoming Contained

The wildfire that has plagued our area and caused a lot of destruction is finally being contained. It started July 6 and people are finally breathing easily after 7 weeks of terror. We who live in the city had the big fire 45 km (less than 30 miles) away. The water bombers are still active and we watched 3 or 4 come in last night at dusk.
The air quality is much better. Our visibility is 40 miles. With it comes hotter weather and we hit 37.1C or 99F yesterday. We are having summer and people are happily going on their holidays. They can be fined if they start a fire even in campgrounds. But they can go to some areas now the orders have been lifted. And the evacuees are heading home after weeks away.
We are still working on the house and it is slow going. I have to clean it up on Saturday before the real estate agent arrives to talk to us. I am tired at night until last night. The store has been so hot that I left fully dehydrated and exhausted. We got the a/c units working properly again and I left work feeling better. Tired but not dehydrated or exhausted to the point of falling asleep in my chair or wanting to cry over nothing.
The sewing room is coming along and I have some items to put away in the upstairs' closet. I need to get on with it and quit looking at items one at a time. I feel like I am not making progress. The Spousal Unit is able to work in the mornings and is painting the front porch. It is looking amazing. The white railing pops out against the freshly painted posts that are the same colour as the house.
Today, I work the early shift and tomorrow I need to have blood work done prior to going to work. Friday I work early and I have Saturday off.
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