Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Future

It has been a while since I wrote anything. There wasn't much to write about but smoke and decluttering.

The weather has cooled down and we had a good rain a couple of nights ago. The mornings are cooling off with this morning coming in at 5C or 41F. I had opened the windows last night and we woke to a very cool house this morning. I had to run the furnace to warm it up.


The Spousal Unit had his check up with the oncologist and all is well. He is feeling better and is dealing with boredom now that he has finished painting the outside of the shop.

He is puttering on the inside tidying up and packing what he wishes to move. A slow process but he is doing well with it.
We are in holding mode at the moment. The house is cleaned every day for viewing. We can be out of the house in about 30 minutes at this time. Three viewings in 24 hours was great practice. Even Elliott is cooperating and going into his carrier without a fight.
Elliott had his check up and is still overweight. He is on a new diet now and is doing fine with it. He has a toy he loves to play with. Fighting with feathers on a stick is fun. He also has to have dental surgery, something our previous vet missed. That will happen next week.


The sewing room is cleaned up and not in use at the moment. I have purged the books and patterns and put what I kept into boxes. The others need to go to the thrift shop. I have put away the fabric except for the doll's black dress and I will be putting it away also. It is hard not to be able to go down and sew for an hour.
I am buying the last of the fabric I need for a craft project. The cotton is on sale and I can put it away. I am thinking of putting the fabric into boxes ready to move. At least the Christmas cottons. Will decide in a couple of weeks. I know I will be sewing up a storm when we get settled.


I have been knitting a toque from a kit and there is a mistake in the pattern. I have to figure it out and then finish it and take it into the store.
I have to order Grandson some yarn for socks. He wants his football team colours which I can now get. It is part of the Touch Down yarn that I can buy from a yarn shop in Edmonton.
Other than that, my yarn is sorted and ready to be boxed up. Another holding pattern but I may put something on my needles or finish up a project that stalled.

The Future

I am not sure how much I will be able to post in the next while. While I am off line, I plan on rethinking the format of the blog and will be cleaning up and getting rid of useless posts. I have 2 years of posts to look at and make decisions about. I also want to look at the pages I have created and clean them up. Any links will be kept unless they are broken.
At this time, I will be posting when I can and if not, I will be back when life slows down.
Until the next time...................

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  1. Ah, it was good to hear from you again. I had missed you. Happy cleaning! :-)