Friday, August 22, 2014

Geocaching Again

It cooled off last night and we have the house opened up to the cool morning air. We are at 12.5C, which is cool for us.

Yesterday was a home day and the Dude went out on several geocaching hunts during the day. He did one with his parents, one with his parents and the Spousal Unit, and one with me.

Our geocache was an easy one to find. We drove up to it, parked and it was 10 feet from us. The Dude exchanged a whistle for a whistle.


We then went to see Daughter and have fun with the dogs and the cat. The cat was leery of us but the dogs were happy for the attention. After a bit of running outside, there was some lounging.


We had a young couple with 2 children come for dinner last night. There was a flurry of activity during the day smoking chicken wings, cooking jalapeno poppers, and a spaghetti sauce that was delicious.

Today we are heading out to the community to the west of us. The slides are cleared and we are planning to go over, have lunch, geocache, and go to the winery. Tonight is pizza and movie night at home. We are so enjoying our visit with our family.

I did look in my sewing room yesterday for about 1 minute.

Until the next time………………………..

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