Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Day of Learning

Yesterday was warmer than expected and today will be quite warm also. We are now experiencing temperatures in the high 80F but it can still get into the 90F range. Mornings are cooler and I am getting the urge to run again.

Our day trip was wonderful. The series of land slides was around the lake and a couple were scary. As we couldn’t stop, I took some pictures on the go.



Our trip was two fold; to geocache and to explore. It was super fun doing both.

Our first stop, after lunch was at the museum to see the huge slabs of jade.


The base of this slab really caught my eye.


A variety of rocks including jade. We walked across the road to a jade shop and the Dude got to choose a rock from the kid’s bin. We left from there to go to where the salmon are migrating. It is a great run this year.



The dark in the water is the fish. Once they enter into the clear blue water, the Aboriginal people cannot net them. The brown water flowing is the Fraser River and this clear river is the Seton River.

Up on the rocks someone has painted this design.


And all around on the rocks are tents where the fish are cleaned and hung to dry.


We did geocache just beyond this area and as we found the cache, friends came along and shared the excitement of the find with us. We all signed the book.

We did drive down to the old bridge to do a second cache but the pictures didn’t turn out of the bridge. You would have thought it was a foggy day they were so bad. We also did one cache on the way home.

We had a quiet evening as we were all tired. Today we will do an afternoon trip. This morning is laundry as we seem to have mountains of it.

Until tomorrow……………………………..


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