Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Change of Plans

Our plans yesterday were thwarted!! The road to the community was closed due to mudslides. The alternate route would take over 2 hours each way and that wasn’t happening.


They claim there was 35 km of slides caused due to the storm we had on Wednesday night. The road is open to one lane with a pilot car today.


We headed off to the city instead and did some geocaching along the way. The Dude found the first one after we searched and hunted for it. Kicked a rock and there it was.

The second one, we found the trail and let the Spousal Unit and the Dude find it in the sagebrush.

In the city, we had lunch, did a bit of touring, got some groceries and headed home. We stopped at the rest stop and geocached up on top of the rocks. The view was beautiful.


This picture doesn’t do it any justice. Once again we had to hunt and found the trail to the geocache.

Our second stop was a hard one and we had to log it as not found. We hunted and hunted and on the way home figured out the clue.

It is in this area and we will go back to find it.

Today we are at home as we have friends coming in for dinner. It is a cooking and cleaning day.

Until the next time……………………

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