Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Busy Day

It was a great day yesterday. We headed out in the morning to see some of the country and to geocache.

We stopped in the first community and did three caches and had something to drink.

The Dude was excited to find an ammo can as we had talked about them.


The next community we visited, we had lunch and found four geocaching sites.

Our last community we did one geocaching site as the mining equipment was quite exciting.

We stopped at the mine view point on our way home.


This mine is so large, that astronauts use it as an earth location point when in space.


The equipment is mega huge.


There are lots of wild horses in the area and can be seen at times.


And someone had fun playing.

And I was the one with low blood sugar this time. But I ate and was fine.

After supper we headed out and did a 2 part geocache and after some reading, hunting, and thinking we found it. We also put swag into the geocaches we had done the day before.

Today we are heading out for a shorter trip to another community. We will stop at the winery to see their new building and do some geocaching. The family gets to choose the cache locations today.

Until the next time…………………………..

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