Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It is warm, windy, and cloudy. There is even smoke though the wind is keeping it at bay; just see it in the distance. And the icing on the cake – a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. The second one in 5 days.

Yesterday was a quiet day for family as they are tired from traveling. Know that feeling quite well. I got dinner ready to put the meat in the smoker after lunch and did laundry.

After the pork chops were put into the smoker, the Dude and I took off to geo-cache. We had three caches in mind to find. The first one took us forever to locate. The instructions say to face the front of the building………I though the front of the building is where the viewing window is. Wrong! We found the cache though and got our sticker and a pin.

Barry and Sherri 001

The second cache I had temporarily planned, we scrapped and moved onto the new second cache. Found it in less than 3 minutes. The third site was a major pain.

The book told us it was in the park near a very specifically marked bench. The app on my phone kept saying it was nearly a half a kilometer away. We walked the whole length of the park and back again and headed to the cache the phone kept pointing to. I did the hunt as the Dude hated the location – the cemetery. I found it. It is a private person’s cache.

Barry and Sherri 002

We headed home as it was time to check the smoker. Dinner was smelling delicious. We then headed out to find the last geo-cache of the day. We found it!! And so did the app on the phone.

The evening was spent with three little boys and two big ones having a water fight. They went full bore for an hour. No pictures. If you stepped outside of the safe zone, you would have been soaked in a minute. Water balloons, 2 water pistols, 5 pumper water guns, and a hose with a spray nozzle was in full action.

Today we are doing a day trip to see some of the area. We will stop along the way to geo-cache, have lunch in one community, and look at the mine on our way home (if it doesn’t pour rain).

Until the next time…………………………

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