Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun Days

We have had an amazing two days. The weather has cooperated and the temperatures have been perfect. And for the Dude, the Spousal Unit came home on Saturday night and was here yesterday for the fun.

Saturday was a busy day. First off, the potatoes had to be dug and scrubbed clean for Sunday night’s supper.


We headed out to Desert Hills Farm and had lunch. We learned how to find ripe watermelons. These watermelons are grown about a mile out of town. The hat says the watermelon is ripe. Admired the indoor pond, better known as a puddle. And fed the goats.

At Porters

After supper, we headed out to the pool to go swimming. The Dude loved the slide and spent a lot of time on it. And splashed into the water again and again and again.

The Pool

Yesterday, was horseback riding. It was a blast and, between Daughter and the Spousal Unit he learned how to spur out on the horse. Then the horses had to be fed and the Dude showed muscle power.

Horseback Riding

We ended up the day with friends coming for supper and that included a friend to play with.

Until the next time…………………….

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