Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Fun

Cooling off is slow coming to our neck of the woods. You think it is and then it isn’t. Our highs are remaining in the 32C range and better. Maybe it will cool over before Thanksgiving!! Yes, I have experienced eating Canadian Thanksgiving outside.

We have a visitor in the garden. I took 8 pictures of this spider and only this one turned out.


It hasn’t moved from that location for 3 or 4 days now so I am assuming it is getting a lot to eat.

Our son and his family arrived yesterday afternoon. We were busy getting them moved in, then had to get a couple of things from the store and have supper. After that was cleaned up we headed out to the park for play time.


Jacob had a ball playing with the shovel digger. It met another boy (grandson of a friend) and they played on the equipment. Then back to the shovel digger.


I am sure he is trying to dig to China. Then our son decided he would help.


And Jacob is watching to see if they can see China. We headed home and put one sleepy boy to bed. Hopefully his blood sugars were good at 10 p.m.

Today I am assuming we will be having a busy day with Jacob. I have been busy this morning with Elliott. He is noisy and whiny. He knows his boundaries but decided that he could do his own thing this morning and was out looking around. I picked him up, spanked him, and it didn’t help. After a couple of threats, he decided to behave, though the picture of him giving me the evil eye won’t show up in my photostream.

Until tomorrow…………….

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