Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Round Trip

Today is our last day with our son and family. We are sure going to miss them a lot. We have had lots of good times and laughs.

Yesterday we did an all day drive going south, then north, then east and back home. It was a lot of fun though there are some “interesting” sections of road.

We stopped about an hour down the road at a picnic site. We wandered around as we took the dog with us.


We looked at the river and the trains and it was a lot of fun for The Dude.


There was a work train loading gravel and we watched it for a bit.


When it was time to have our picnic lunch, a family of hornets moved in and we fled to the car and ate in there.


Making sandwiches in the back of the car.


After we ate, we headed to see where the Thompson and Fraser Rivers meet. Yes, the clean Thompson meets the dirty Fraser River.


And a close up of the meeting of the rivers.


We travelled in a valley between mountain ranges. It was a glorious trip though the road was twisty and single lane in one spot.

When we got to the last community, we stopped for a bit of a break. At the train station we saw the train which runs locally.


This train takes school children to and from school daily and is available for anyone to use. There are regular trains that go through this station on their way to Dawson Creek, BC.

We were happy to get home after an exciting day. Jill was happy to get out too.


She is such a trooper to sit in the very back with The Dude.

Until tomorrow when I hope to get into the sewing room for a couple of hours.


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I am curious as to where the two rivers meet where you took your picture.(oh such bad grammar) We are hoping to drive to Vancouver Island soon and now I am curious.


  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    hope I am not duplicating my post. Where do the rivers meet like you showed in your picture? I am hoping to drive to Vancouver Island and would love to see this.