Friday, August 23, 2013

D Day

It is D day. Departure Day for our son and his family. It certainly will be quiet when they are gone. We are certainly going to miss them a lot.


Judith, the Fraser and Thompson Rivers meet in Lytton, BC. You have to go into the town; we went in the from the north end. We headed down and parked in a small parking lot at the start of the river and then walked across the bridge taking pictures as we went along.

Yesterday was a warm day so we started off the day with painting a birdhouse. We worked on it over the day until it was finished.


After lunch, we went for a short drive to the vegetable ranch and got a ride on the tractor.


And The Dude got to drive it by himself.


Afterwards we watched the crew unload bins of tomatoes with forklifts and load a semi with cases of vegetables (eggplants to be sure).

As it was hot, the electronics were put away and water was turned on. With Auntie and Uncle here for a visit, we had a lot of good laughs.

Today is house cleaning day and then I may get into the sewing room for a bit. Tomorrow is going to the city and Sunday is canning peaches. I may get the jacket done by Sunday night.

Until tomorrow……………………

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