Saturday, November 04, 2017

Feeling Better

It is -13C or 8F and the coldest day this fall. We had at least 2" of snow fall on Thursday which does hit close to the most snow fall on that day in 1984. The positive: it is going to get warmer with no snow prior to us leaving. 


I was to the doctor and the last increase of synthroid did nothing to my reading. I got another increase and am starting to feel better. I can feel my energy increasing and I am much more alert. Let's hope that it will stay that way for a while. Though the Spousal Unit still blames my tiredness from working, I know it was due to the blasted thyroid acting up. 
We are on the last legs of packing. I feel there is 2-3 boxes and 2 tubs left to pack and a bunch of boxes to go to the thrift shop and we will be done. We are living in a mess but will survive it. I did fill one box of china, topped up several boxes ready to tape shut, packed more pictures, and am ready to see the end of this. Unpacking will be the reverse mess but I can handle that. I will set up one box that all the papers go into and when the boxes are collapsed, they will go into the garage. When all is done, I will sell the boxes on Kijiji. 
We got Elliott his soft sided carrier and he goes in and out of it on his own. He hates the puppy training pad I put into it so it came out until we travel. I will put it in the back part of his carrier for him. He will get water and a bit of food while we are in the airports. On the plane, he will travel under the seat. 


I will be excited to get back to sewing. I have lots of ideas in my head and want to be able to sit down and plan and sew. 
The past couple of days, I have been thinking of mood boards. I am wanting to play with color combinations when sewing and knitting for the dolls. I am wanting to be more creative with what I am making rather than choose my favorite colors. It will be stretching me creatively. I have saved a lot of mood boards on Pinterest. I feel this is an area of growth I need to work on. And, it keeps me busy when I need a break. 
With knitting, I will have to push myself not to buy more blue yarn. I am looking forward to that also. As I move forward, I am thinking of the color combinations I want to work with. 


We continue to pack and I hope to clean the bathroom and sweep some floors. Feeling better makes doing all the chores I need to do much easier to tackle. 
Until the next time................

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