Thursday, November 23, 2017

Our First Two Weeks

It is time to start blogging again. We have been in Nova Scotia for almost 2 weeks and finally got our possessions yesterday. It was nice to seem them being unloaded off the truck. 
We had a lovely day for unloading with temperatures up to 15C or 59F. Last night, it cooled off and rained buckets - 1.4" before midnight. It has rained more since then and it is wet and cool this morning. 
When we first arrived here, we went for a drive to Avondale and saw a winery that is in an old church. The church was loaded onto a truck, barged up the Minas basin, unloaded onto a dock, and trucked to its new location. 

Once again, we saw low tide and how red the soil is in Nova Scotia. 

We have since seen higher tides as they were becoming lower. 
Our possessions arrived yesterday and unloaded into our house. It was nice to see them come off the truck 2 weeks after they were put on the truck. What looked like a lot when we loaded looked like very little when unloaded. We seem to have done a good job purging. 
The sewing room is full of boxes and I am excited to have a lovely room to sew in. 
I will be sewing at this end of the room. There is another window where I might put the sewing machine. It is going to take a while to place the furniture. 
The nook beside the closet will be for jewelry making. I may just put an old corner desk in that area to work on. 
The closet is a good size but it needs to have some sort of organization unit put in for my stash. 
In other words, I need to sew up the stash and keep a minimal amount on hand. I need to buy a cutting table, a cube to hold my yarn stash, and a chair to sit on. I also need pot lights put in for better lighting. 
I will try to do another post soon but it depends on time. We are hoping to move into our house sometime late next week. 
Until then.........................

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  1. Ah, it's good to "see" you again knowing that the move seems to have gone well. I look forward to your future news and learning about Nova Scotia.