Tuesday, October 24, 2017

SOLD and Moving Forward

We woke up the October 20 to find this
Our house officially sold the day before and it was great to see the sign up. People have told me that they wanted to view the house but it was pending. It seemed we were a bit of a secret. But it is sold and we can move on. 
We have also sold our vehicles to a friend. That is another item off our list. I have a few items to give away and the rest will be packed and taken to Nova Scotia. 
I am officially off work on Saturday and am looking forward to retirement. That is, after the house is packed onto the truck and heading to Nova Scotia. I am ready to do my thing at home now. 
I am off work for two days and need to do some running around for items and pack up more boxes. I am aiming for two boxes maybe three these days off. On Sunday, I start doing major packing every day. 
I may not get any posts written until we are in Nova Scotia. It will be the beginning of a new adventure for us. 
Until the next time....................

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  1. Paula6:57 PM

    Wishing you a happy turnaround time to your new home. Glad to hear you will be back posting eventually.