Monday, October 16, 2017

Nearly SOLD

Fall has arrived in our part of the world. There has been frost a couple of mornings, rain/snow depending on your elevation, and cooler winds. Today is suppose to be one of our warmer days with some sunshine and then it will be cloudy. 


Our house is near being SOLD. The owners did their own home inspection and their realtor and themselves told us they found nothing wrong with it. They love the house and are envisioning themselves living in it. 
We are in the process of buying a newer fully finished home in Nova Scotia. When our buyers remove their conditions and we get the final copy of their contract with us, we can finish our contract on that house. 
Packing has begun and I have the sewing room and electronics almost all packed. One more box and I am done. I packed the sewing machines yesterday and only have the embroidery hoops, a few odds and ends, and the small TV to pack. Then it is on to the guest room, linen closet and pictures. I have to set up a box for knick knacks. By Oct. 28, I hope to be down to packing the kitchen and closing up a few boxes here and there. We move out on Nov 8. 


Starting a store project sold the house and I never got it finished. It will be done next year. 
The new house has a 13 x 25' room in the basement I will claim for a sewing room. I will set up a corner for jewelry making and my yarn stash. 
Other than my sewing cabinet, ironing board and small table for holding pressing items, I will not have any other furniture. I need to buy a chair, cutting table, and a couple of items for housing notions.


I decided not to take the cube that held my yarn as I was told it doesn't move well. I will get another one that I can put the yarn into. I did pack all the fabric containers that goes in the cube to house items in the closet. I will buy new containers for the yarn in a neutral color (mine are lime green).


I work today and tomorrow and would like to sort paper work in the evenings. With all the purging we are doing, I am hoping to take only the necessary paper work with us to Nova Scotia. 
Until the next time......................

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