Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Whirling and Twirling Thoughts

We are starting our next hot spell. The temperature yesterday was 32.8C or 91F. Everyone was complaining as they had got use to the cooler weather. We need to brace ourselves for the next blast of hot air.


My mind is whirling with thoughts and it is hard to shut it off. It comes when I do a lot of house cleaning after a renovation. Yup, I am cleaning for the second time after the renovation and am doing a deep clean. Every corner of this house is getting a good scrubbing.
Why do I do this thinking floats in my mind. Mostly because I find cleaning mindless work and partly because I may be looking at change. What is whirling and twirling in my head?
  1. Retirement -- Is it time to stop working and stay at home and do more with the Spousal Unit and my crafts?
  2. Move -- should we sell and move away to be closer to our Grandson?
  3. Dolls -- should I do pattern design, sell doll clothes at craft bazaars or both?
These will continue to whirl and twirl in my head as I clean the house. It is me and it will always be me. Will anything come out of it? Who knows, but I do know
  1. I want to buy three dolls to sew for. They are expensive dolls so I need to start budgeting for them.
  2. I need to clean the house and will do so as I have time. What I have done looks amazing.
  3. I will keep sewing for the dolls as I enjoy it very much.
The end result will be a clean house and maybe a plan.
Until the next time.....................


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Supposed to be beautiful and cheap in the maritimes! Hope you really retire soon. Took me a while too!
    Heather in Calgary

  2. Linda in France10:14 AM

    Takes a while to'll get there!