Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hot With Fires

It was hot yesterday. The high was 36.6C or 98F. With the heat came fire activity.


We had seen that one area north and west of us had to be re-evacuated as the fire turned back into their area. They are all back in our city and they must feel stressed.
In the afternoon, we watched a lot of water bomber activity in the air going north. The planes were lining up to land at the airport. There was a fire near the ski hill.
A third fire was reported in the Fraser Canyon with the highway closed. Have heard nothing more about that fire.
In early evening, I got a text with a picture of smoke south and east of us. A fire was blazing on the way to Vernon. People were evacuated quickly, road closed and the water bombers lined up to load at the airport to supress that fire. Those planes were active until almost dark.  
We did watch the water bombers from inside the house as their landing path was going down the river to the airport. We can see all planes land and take off from our kitchen window. When the Spousal Unit went to water the plants last night, he saw four bombers lined up to land for more fuel and the fifth one was leaving the airport. Activity lasted until almost dark when they all came in for the night.
BC will continue to live on high alert. We are heading into another hot spell. Everything is tinder dry.
Life in our house was mundane. I degreased and scrubbed the tops of the kitchen cabinets. They were disgusting as no one had touched them since they were put in about 5 or 6 years ago as they were topped with crown moulding. We removed it when the kitchen was updated. They are now shiny and white and ready for me to continue cleaning the insides of them.
We did talk about the outside of the house and need to get a real estate agent's opinion on what to do out there. The yard is beautiful and we need to finish up around the shed and paint it. Our big question is how much of the house do we paint. The front and the trim around the doors and windows needs doing. Our question is -- Will that be enough?
Other than scrubbing and cleaning, I did not do much of anything else. Today I work the late shift and have tomorrow off.
Until the next time....................

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