Monday, July 24, 2017

Life is Mundane But Good

It is cool this morning at 11C or 52F. This is our second coolest morning since the wildfires began. Our highs have ranged from 31C or 88F to 35C or 95F. The worst has been the winds that come in and fan the flames. It is near the end of July and people want winter to arrive.


People are heading home now after the fires though the city still has a lot of evacuees in it. Most are in good spirits looking at their time in the city as a holiday. They are certainly strong people.
Daughter texted last night to say they had a sand and ash storm due to the wind. Shortly after that she said there was a hay fire up by the highway. The people lost their dairy barn and then their hay barn full of hay caught on fire. She then heard there was a fire up towards the mine she works at but no confirmation on that. We had a lot of wind also and about 30 drops of rain. You could smell smoke but it was a whiff now and again.
Life in our house is quiet and mundane. I have been cleaning house and the bedrooms, bathroom and entry is done. I have started in the kitchen. Got the pantry cleaned out and started on the next bank of cupboards. Empty, wash, reload. Not much to let go of, more just cleaning everything up. It is slow going but I am getting it done. I have to bring in the tall ladder and clean the tops of the cupboards. I spray them with a degreaser, let them set for 10 minutes, and the grease and grime comes off easily. After they are clean, I will put wax paper on the tops to keep them clean.
The windows need cleaning but that won't be done until later on. With all the smoke and ash we have had, they are a mess but I am waiting for another month before tackling them. Hopefully the fires will be out and the ash settled with a good rainstorm.


I haven't done any sewing as I need to buy some bias tape to finish the seams of the black dress.


I finished the ballet sweater and it needs blocking before sewing it together and knitting the front/neck edge on it. I started a toque for the dolls out of the remaining  yarn.


I will continue to discount notions and prepare to order what we need. It won't be a big order but we do need some items that sold out after I put in my last orders. Tonight I will knit more on the doll's toque.
Until the next time.............................

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