Sunday, December 06, 2015

Plaid Meets Lace Infinity Scarf

Yesterday was warm but cloudy.  The high got to 6.7C or 44F. Though it was cloudy, we saw only a trace of precipitation. I do believe there was a skiff of snow up higher on the hills.


The Spousal Unit’s abscess is healing nicely. He now goes every three days to be checked. He is feeling so much better. Hungry and more energy. Just in time to have it kicked out of him again. He has chemo again this week.

We had two young ladies look at the suite yesterday morning. They commented it was the nicest one they had viewed. They will let us know if they will take it. I have let another person know it is available and she is looking on Wednesday.

After they left, we hauled items upstairs from the one bedroom and kitchen and I got them cleaned. Baseboards dusted and floors washed. The Spousal Unit levelled the fridge. We are moving forward to getting the unit cleaned and ourselves unpacked.

We changed the light bulb in the basement stair well as it burnt out. The bulb was black and we wonder if it was bought black or if it turned black as it aged. The stair well is really bright now. Hmmmmm, I see dirt I didn’t see before.


I made a scarf today. It is an easy sew. The pattern is Fifteen Minute Plaid and Lace Scarf and was quite easy to make. Thank you to the customer who told me about this scarf. It is a beauty.

Materials Required:

Half a meter of the two plaids (that is about 20” so you can cut on plaid lines) I used a 60” wide fabric that is a brushed cotton but you could use flannel that is 45” wide.

Half meter a of crochet look lace; one wide width and one narrow.



I took the time to cut the plaids 18” wide on the plaid lines. If using 60” wide fabric, cut the large plaid 45” and the small plaid 36” long. On 45” wide flannel, cut one the width of the fabric less the selvage edges and the other 36” long.

Pin the two pieces together at the short ends making sure the end are even.


Sew together with a half inch seam and press the seam to one side.


Pin the wide with lace onto the scarf making sure that the bottom end of the lace covers the seam. Stitch in place top and bottom.


Next fold the scarf in half so it is long and narrow. Take the time to match the plaids at the seam for a professional look. Pin in place and sew with a half inch seam. Press the seam open. Trim the excess lace away. Turn to the right side.

Turn under a good half inch on the small check end. Lining up the seams on both the open ends, put the folded end on top of the large plaid to make a seam. Pin it in place using a line on the large plaid as a guide.

Turn under one end of the narrow lace and place it on top of the seam. Slowly stitch down the center of the lace making sure you have a tube as you go around. Flip the lace up onto the sewing machine when you need to pin more of the tube in place. Work slowly until you are about 5” from the end (or is it the beginning).


When you have reached the spot where you can’t go any further, hand stitched the ends together and then hand stitch the lace down in place making sure to turn under the end and sew the ends together. Be careful not to sew the tube together. I did it in one place and had to pull it out.

It took me a bit of time to get the scarf looking great. I did make a figure 8 and then worked at it to look as nice as the picture of on the blog.


I was about an hour doing this scarf only because I fussy cut the plaid and took my time to get the plaids to match at the long seam. A great gift or craft bazaar item. It cost me $15.00 for the supplies and I think it is worth $30.00 - 35.00 at a bazaar. Note: the response I got on Facebook makes me wonder what those people would pay for this scarf.


I continue to knit on the scarf and am now knitting one pattern set of 11 rows every night. Last night I did 2 sets as I work late on Thursday night. I won’t get it finished before Christmas so will be finishing it up in January.


Today, we head out for the Spousal Unit to give blood for pre-chemo numbers. We will shop to get some basics and then home. I work from 12:00 to 5:00. Tonight I have to knit another 11 rows on the scarf. I doubt if anything will come up from the basement though I should unpack a box that is already upstairs. It is going to turn into a time thing.

Until tomorrow……………………….


  1. What a great scarf idea! I have mentally made note of it, and may try to make one for my daughter for Christmas. And thank you so much for your post re: your plans for a tutorial every couple of weeks, and a header with craft ideas. I really appreciate your willingness to share, and of course, I continue to totally enjoy reading your blog. I am glad to hear the Spousal Unit is making progress healthwise.

  2. I do like that scarf. I have some Nova Scotia tartan and now I know what I will use it for. For people who don't see, I think $35.00 or $40.00 is quite reasonable. Hope u out sell lots of these if you have them in a craft sale.

  3. Wow, that is a lovely looking scarf and makes a perfect gift for Christmas! Good thing I saw this as I read site of my friend. I still have a couple more friends without gifts so this is just perfect!