Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Great Experiences

The weather has been cool but not cold. We are experiencing warmer than normal minimum temperatures and normal maximum temperatures. We are enjoying that a lot. It did snow up in the mountains but nothing down at our level.


I worked 7.5 hours on Dec. 28. I was asked to stay to close so I could help set up tables. We moved full tables and refilled other tables with bolts of fabric. It was tiring but fun.
While I was at work and the Spousal Unit was sleeping, family was skiing at Sun Peaks. They did enjoy their day up there.
The videos showed that Grandson did well on skis.
We headed out to Sun Peaks again yesterday for dog sledding. After getting the ticket to go and having lunch, we headed up to the parking area to wait. Grandson played in the 12 foot high snow banks from plowing the parking lot.
Then a lady came into the parking lot to pick up the six riders. She brought a sled puppy named King to socialize with people.

 We walked down to where the dogs are kept and got to meet the musher for the sled Grandson and Daughter-in-Law were riding in.

Chris, the musher was fabulous and took us to meet the dogs.
When the sleds were prepared for people to get in, the dogs started to bark and howl. They were ready to be hooked up and run. Usually they put 8 dogs on a sled but this sled got 10 dogs for this run. A very special treat.

And they were off.............
Grandson got to be a mini musher and had a ball according to him and mom.
He helped Chris mush most of the trail. What an experience to have.
At the end of the run, this dog said it all.
The dogs were fed chunks of fat and a thick chicken soup for a job well done. The comment made was by Grandson that when they come back someone wants to ski and dog sled again.


There is lots to do around to prepare for a family to head home the next morning. We are certainly going to miss them. We will be out for a hair cut, ship parcels, and get a few things. The afternoon is to start a memory book of this Christmas.

Until the next time.........................


  1. Lots of wonderful memories of this Christmas for you and your family!

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Wow, what fabulous pictures of a great day! I wish I had been on that sled, too. :-) Such nice Christmas memories! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. What a lovely activity to take part in - it looks like a lot of fun.

    Can you post more about your memory book, it sounds like something I would like to do myself.