Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wardrobe Thoughts

We had a fairly quiet day yesterday. We did venture out to find our way to where our son had to drop off his rental car. Though I did turn left one set of lights too soon, the GPS got me to the right location. The second time there to pick him up went well. In the afternoon, we got our grandson from school and in the evening went to his soccer game.


I am really enjoying The Vivienne Files “Starting From Scratch Wardrobe”. It is a more casual looking wardrobe which fits my life style. To date she has done seven steps and I need to get caught up.

Her first step is to choose a colour scheme with neutrals and accent colours. She keeps it simple and the one I like is this one (black, grey, white, red, blue). I can change the accent colours if I wish to.

wardrobe color scheme with black and grey neutrals and red and French blue accents

Step 1:

  • Black slacks or pants that fit perfectly. I had two patterns chosen and may use the couture sewing techniques from one for the other pattern. I forecast muslins in the future.

Step 2:

  • Shoes to match your slacks or pants. I found them and need to get them. Black loafers.

Step 3:

  • Black cotton knit t-shirt with short sleeves (I am thinking of 3/4 length sleeves)
  • Black sweater (I need to try out the Bond knitting machine)

Step 4:

  • Black jeans
  • White shirt

Step 5:

  • Watch (Garmin for running in all black)
  • Bracelets (silver and black)
  • Purse (black)
  • Earrings (silver hoops)
  • Scarf (if I go this route, black, red, white)

Step 6:

  • Red top (knit t-shirt? or a woven top)
  • Royal Blue shirt
  • Scarf with accent colours in it (not sure of this yet)

Step 7:

  • Grey pants (can be dressier but with no pleats in the front)
  • Grey sweater or short jacket or ?? (May need to knit one on the Bond)
  • Grey shoes (will be on the hunt for those)

I am looking at 3 pacs for sewing and can do:




Black pants Black jeans Grey pants
Black t-shirt Red top grey sweater
Black sweater White shirt Blue shirt

Today our grandson and I are going to the park so he can play, then we are doing a bit of shopping, lunch out, and some shopping for fencing. Another relaxed day.

Until tomorrow……………….

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