Sunday, June 01, 2014

Only A Zipper

It was warm yesterday with fairly clear skies. It got up to 80F and today may be warm as it is already 57F at 6 a.m.

Run Club was beautiful running along the lakes. We saw this family of geese swimming in the lake. There seems to be about a dozen babies.

canada geese

We did a total of 6k and it was warm. We were dehydrating so were told to start packing water to drink while we run.

At home, the Spousal Unit and I worked outside. We are doing the edging on the upper driveway.


There were rotten timbers to remove, weeds to pull in readiness for the blocks.


There was a rock at the end of the timbers which we think is the property line marker. We moved it to the flower bed on the other side of the lawn.


The first block was put in and there is more work to be done.


The far side of the driveway was cleaned up and all the debris was loaded into the truck and taken to the dump. It was a big load.




I did sew a zipper into a top late in the afternoon. I was too busy helping outside to do much more.

Today I have a zipper to put into a dress and then I will do the embroidery on the green shirt while laundry is being done. I do have to help load the truck for another load to the dump and do some housework. At least I will be able to sew some today.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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