Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Running Trails

We had a great trip yesterday. It was raining when we left home but the weather improved to quite warm and humid. When we stopped for lunch in Jasper National Park it was getting unbearable.

We saw some wildlife; bear, elk, and sheep. People were driving crazy when they saw them. No pictures as I was driving.

We got in during rush hour traffic. The construction was worse than the traffic. We took the wrong ramp off and had to go north a couple of miles before we hit a service road so we could go south. All went well after that. We had a great evening.

This morning I went for a 3.63k run. I started at the house and headed to the park. From there I chose trails I wanted to run on. I wasn’t fast as I enjoyed the scenery.

The playground for the children. Jake loves to go there to play.


Then there was a pond that is part of the ecosystem. This area is built on a swamp and they left a piece of it intact. For those house backing up onto it, they certainly had a lovely view.


As you run, you have to cross roads. Love the signage.


There were yield and direction signs also. In the park, there were benches for those who wished to sit and rest.

The trails look flat but they are long elevated slopes. There are some hills that are good for the leg muscles. This piece of the trail was uphill.


It has been wet and cool since we got up (yes I ran in the misty rain) and we did hang inside. We did a dry run to a location where we will meet Son and after that we will be home for a bit and then off to pick up our grandson. Not sure what we will be doing for the remainder of the day.

Until the next time………………………….

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