Thursday, May 01, 2014

Mystery Quilt Half Done

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Sunny and hot that says summer is coming. Our high was 28.1C (82.6F). We were the hot spot in the interior of BC. But, wait, it is only suppose to get to 9C (48F) on Saturday. There is a storm coming in starting tomorrow.

Though yesterday was busy, I did sew the quilt together making 4 rows completed. I had to take apart the very center section and resew the small squares to 2” finished so the seams would match. The 1/8” difference was really noticeable.


Underneath the lump was………………


Elliott and he approves of it so far. Three rows left to do plus the borders.

I have been looking for a site or sites for drafting patterns. I finally found this one yesterday afternoon while waiting for learners to come for tutoring (who wants to come in when the sun is shining?) This looks like something I want to explore.

Today I have to run, work on the quilt, give the dog a bath, and see the doctor. Another busy day in our household. Tomorrow we head out to take my sewing machine so it can be repaired. It will be nice to have two sewing machines again. I do miss not being able to do embroidery.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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  1. Quilt is looking lovely!
    See if your Library carries How To Make Sewing Patterns by Don McCunn. It's really easy and will work on any body from small to large, male or female. That's how I learned to draft my pants and his methods are learned from drafting and fitting costumes on literally thousands of bodies over the years. If not, it's on Amazon and not that expensive.