Friday, May 02, 2014

A Great Fit

It seems like we had spring for a week and then summer arrived. Yesterday it got to 30.3C or 86.5F. Today is suppose to be cooler and then it cools off to 9C or 48F on Sunday. There are storms moving in starting today.

I literally fought with the quilt yesterday. It seemed as if I spent as much time taking out the stitching as I did putting it in. After much gnashing of teeth, I have it ready to sew the last vertical row on.


Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

The little girl tried on the dress last night and we have a great fit. I plan on making the under arm 1/2” higher up. I will also make the neckline a bit narrower across the center front. She is so excited about this muslin, I am going to finish it for her as a play dress.


On to making it out of the proper fabric. I will then have to make one for her 4 year old sister.

Lynda, I am going to buy “How to Make Sewing Patterns” as our library doesn’t have it. I am looking forward to creating patterns using a variety of methods.

I ran yesterday morning and with more run time (just over a minute) I am traveling more distance (1 hydro pole). I am finding it somewhat easier to do also as I am more relaxed since Boogie the Bridge. My first 5K race is done, I know I can do it, and I have a totally different outlook on my running.

Today we are heading out to get my sewing machine repaired. We will do some shopping, stop to pick up door frames, and be home around dinner time. It will be fun to be gone for a day in a different community and in different stores.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. Hi Ann.
    The dress is so cute and the young lady looks so happy! Great job.
    I hope you'll enjoy Don's book as much as I have. There is a wealth of information in there. I love his teaching style and the way he figures stuff out. He also has a yahoo group of the same name, and a blog if you're interested, but retired last December so it's not nearly as active as it used to be.
    Good for you on the run. It's nice to recognize ourselves and let go of fear that doesn't actually accomplish much.
    Hope your day is fabulous!