Friday, July 31, 2015

Ideas For The Sewing Room

Yesterday was a hot one for us. The temperature rose quickly and it didn’t stop until it got to 35.7C or 96.3F. Today is going to be hotter again. It is summer here and we have to expect this heat. We have had cooler morning (16C or 61F) which is great but our morning will be a bit warmer over the next few days.


It was a long day spent in the downstairs bedroom. What a lot of work to get 75% of the room painted. I was tired and aching when I got done.


That was the orange wall and the next one is the long wall.


Well, it was the long one until I did the wall on the other side of the room. A closet was in the mix making more wall to paint. When done I took two Advil and a diet Coke.

Sewing Room

I keep lamenting that my poor sewing room is a huge mess. It has been distressing for me as I want it to look tidy and organized. I am still trying to get this room planned in my head so I can move forward. I did find a floor plan that I liked and will be trying that out.


The colours are chosen for the walls and the trim. We finally got that figured out and I am thrilled with that. Then it came down to decorating - accent colours, storage ideas, etc.

I did some pintrest searches and got a couple of ideas.

  1. LLadybird's Sewing Room has a unique layout and isn’t what I have but she has some neat ideas for storage. The one big ideas I got from her was the cart she rolls out from under the cutting table. Ideas are floating for this one. I will have to look around.
  2. Diary of a Renaissance Sewer's Studio is full of ideas. Very full where as I want the less is more idea. But……… she uses storage cubes to hold her supplies which is something I want to do. She built a great cutting/pressing table which I love but, at this time I will keep my cutting table. I love how she has a mix of red and green fabric boxes to hold items in. I will be doing that.

    I noticed that her room does not have a closet in it. My room does and that is where a lot of my fabric and pattern drafting items will be stored. She also has a computer area which I don’t think is going to happen in my room though I do have to house all the internet/TV modems. I want to have a TV and DVD in that room also. That will be housed in the cubes which will be 5 or 6 high. Plenty of storage.

As I was resting last night, I came up with the beginning plan for the room. Basically, the room will be painted True Taupewood and the mouldings, baseboards and door will be painted Worn Cedar. The furniture is white as I am keeping what I have. I decided to have red and green accents and am now going to pull in a creamy yellow as another accent colour. Only a tiny bit of it though. It is slowly coming together and I am looking forward to doing this room.

Today the plan is to finish painting the downstairs room and start painting the trim. Another long day in that room but I am nearing the end. That makes me happy.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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