Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Banner/Sash Tutorial Part 2

Once the sash has the paper pieces pinned onto them, the stitching out can begin.

Hoop a layer of cut away stabilizer and hoop it. I pull mine tight after it is hooped as I was taught that when I first learned to embroider. Then spray the stabilizer with a temporary adhesive.


I use this product as I can buy it several times a year at 50% off. Carefully lay your banner onto the hoop so the paper is in the correct place. As my hoop is larger than the template, I have to make sure the template is sitting in the bottom left hand corner and fits along the bottom and side snuggly. I spend some time at this stage making sure all is smooth and the purple line is matching at the center mark (top and bottom) of the hoop.


Notice that I have folded the next paper template (Queen) back to keep it out of the way. When you are happy, put it on your machine.

I check to make sure the hoop is the right size. In this case, it shows the hoop size as 180x100 or 5x7”.


I change the hoop size to 240x150.


I go to the next part where I can stitch out. I have a feature that allows me to make sure the needle is in the center of the design. I do that.


And back to the stitching. I remove the paper template and do a fix stitch and start to stitch the design.


When done, I remove the fix stitching and cut away the stabilizer and repeat for Queen and 2014. Each time I set up the hoop, I take my time to make sure the template is in the hoop correctly and the satin is smooth underneath. There is, on occassion, when I have to do a minor fix of the fabric at the machine. I continue stitching until the banner is done.


At this stage, I have to finish up the last hooping and it is ready to sew. This satin is light weight and I should have interfaced it with a light weight knit interfacing before doing the stitching.

Next is making the actual banner. That will happen this weekend.

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