Saturday, July 06, 2013

Day One

Day One of our holiday was great. Though we were travel weary, we charged up with coffee and set out to do some things with our fabulous guides.

After getting some groceries we headed out to one of the malls. We had lunch and then  we did some roaming and I bought a new Mac Air.


Then we headed down the mall to Lego Land. That store has had some heavy shopping done in it as there were empty shelves. But we did buy something.


Next we hit a hobby store and that is where we saw everything you would want. We got a bit more Lego there.

And, the little guy stood by the scooter we admired.


After that we came back to the house and rested. I headed out to Fabricland and I will show pictures of the purchases later on. But I did buy this piece of burnt out satin for Daughter.


In all we had a wonderful day and were in bed early. We couldn’t keep our eyes open.

Today we are going to a farmer’s market north of Edmonton. Looking forward to that.

Until the next time…………….

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  1. Handsome grandson, Ann! And what a spectacular drive up to Edmonton. Enjoy the rest of your visit.