Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Few Firsts

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Happy New Year a few days late. We arrived home yesterday. It was an interesting trip. We woke up to 6” of fresh dry snow in Edmonton which affected many flights as this storm seemed to be everywhere. We got on our plane to come home and left an hour late waiting for the pilot and co-pilot. Their flight was 45 minutes late coming in from Toronto. Vancouver was rainy (so what is new?) and when we landed in Kamloops, we were in the midst of a snow storm. We grabbed our baggage and headed home as the roads were in wintery condition. Got home late afternoon and are now under a snow warning with freezing rain expected Monday afternoon.

Our trip to Edmonton was fabulous. We had a great time with Son, Daughter-In-Law, and Grandson. We did a few firsts………

  • Got all of the Lego Mini Series 13 figures by Dec. 30 (three trips) and that series wasn’t to come out until Jan. 1, 2015. Daughter-In-Law has them at their house.
  • Went to Lee Valley and looked at what they had. It was something we wanted to do and were happy that we did it.
  • Bought yarn in a beautiful yarn shop to make our Grandson socks. Got a new sock pattern that is very interesting. I also got the wool yarn for the first knitting course I am going to take.
  • Drank ice wine which is sweet.
  • Had Ukrainian food New Years Day of which we enjoyed.

Today we need to unpack, shovel snow (the Spousal Unit) and get back into the routine of renovations, decluttering, cleaning, and eating properly. Tackling lifestyle first though there will be a bit other parts thrown in to keep the mix interesting.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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