Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Review of Sewing Part 4

The last creation had it trials and tribulations. It was actually nerve wracking.

I ordered the leather at the end of September and it was shipped promptly. But there was a mistake on the postal code. That shipment of leather arrived somewhere else. Was it Nova Scotia or Saskatchewan? We will never know. The order had to be refilled and shipped as fast as it could.

Having it come late was stressful as the pattern got changed. I do like the pattern choice much better. I started of making the lining to get the fit at the side seams correct.


I rounded the corners on the lower fronts and set in the sleeves of the lining. The leather was cut and sewn with the saree glued down in the centers of the flowers. The chiffon was later cut away so the design was left.

I cut the edging from the saree, stiffened it, and trimmed it for the outside edge of the jacket and the sleeves. I glued it on and then we started to cut away the saree.

The back


The front


It was finished in five long days of sewing. It was an exhausting time but I came out smiling. I was done!! Five days after the deadline I had set.

It is now time to move on to other things. To balance my life between sewing, literacy, and fun. One should not take precedence over the other unless it is fun.

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