Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fraser Canyon

When we travel to the coast, we have to travel through a mountain pass which is called the Fraser Canyon. You see sheer rock they had to blast through to build this road. In the end, they put in 7 tunnels between 1957-1964. This tunnel is ventilated as it is nearly half a mile long.
And a picture back in the 1950s of what the road looked like. Single lane traffic, narrow roads. I remember traveling this road when it looked like this. It was scary.
Today, most people use another pass that is in another mountain range. Traffic is lighter in the Fraser Canyon but when the other route is closed, you don't want to be travelling this route.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    how wonderful the shirt fitted so well, and the class instructions seem to be paying off - I so want to get going on this class post wedding.

  2. I enjoy seeing your scenic pictures. Wow. Nice fitting shirt. More coming from you soon.

  3. Those 50's roads look like the ones that lead into the back country in Yosemite. Yikes!

    As always, it's pure pleasure to see all that you sew and your flowers and nature snaps, too. It's lovely that you and your daughter both work on outfits together. Your blog is inspiring for me, an ex-seamstress.