Thursday, November 01, 2012

Two Techniques

 Ron continued to teach techniques at his workshop. There is always something to learn
He showed how to increase a pattern across the front. First he found the bust point and marked it. Then he drew a line up the front to the bust point and then from that point to the center of the shoulder seam. He cut that line leaving a hinge at the shoulder. Next he drew three lines from the arm hole of which I will have to look up and report on it. I am drawing a blank just knowing that these lines overlap as the long cut piece is opened.

March 15, 2013 - When I looked at this today after watching Lynda Maynard's Perfect Fit, I would be marking the seam line and then hinging at the seam line. That is the only tweak I would do as this is kind of done by Lynda. 

The second technique Ron talked about where pockets in the side. The procedure is as follows:
Sew the pocket to the front and back of the pants or dress with a 3/8 inch seam leaving the top and bottom inch free.


Sew the top inch and the bottom with a 5/8” seam. Press the pockets to the body of the garment. There will be a 1/4” of the garment fabric turn under towards the pocket.


Top stitch the outside of the front pocket.


Seams pressed open with the pockets towards the front and back of the garment.


The order of serging the pockets.


Step One: Front inside seam. It is free from the rest of the pocket and easy to serge.


Steps 2 to 4 in that order. If the pockets are not even at the raw edge, trim to be the same size.


Your pockets will like flat and smooth against the garment when this style of pockets are done in this fashion.

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