Pattern Academy

Thoughts, links, and ideas while doing the course. 

Elizabeth Garver coat ideas  A wonderful site with fabulous ideas to draft. 
Doll Sloper

Selling On Pixie Faire Part 1
Selling On Pixie Faire Part 2

I finished the course on March 26, 2019 by watching the last video. I will continue to review videos and may download them for easy access. 

I have worked on the bodice sloper and am ready to try my last sleeve alteration. It has been a lot of work but worth the time and effort. 

Will I publish patterns? I may and then I may not. I will get digitizing software and have my patterns look more professional, even if just for myself and some friends. It is something else to learn which is brain healthy. 

I did look at the selection of patterns available and there is just over 20 patterns available to sew. My ideas are not published which is a plus for me. It is giving me some ideas that I could publish in the next few months. 

One of realizations when looking at the selection of patterns is two designers are using the same sloper for two different dolls; one being the Gotz dolls. Another designer is using the sloper for the Gotz dolls and another doll brand. My first thought was what boat am I missing. I have one sloper I thought was too small. Guess what? I'm going to try it out on the Gotz dolls. I like my bodice sloper but I can put the changes I like onto the new sloper if necessary. 

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