Monday, August 31, 2015

Mitten Thumb Gusset Done

Yesterday was windy. Quite windy but not as windy as the coast had it. For me it was annoying as I hate the wind. Have hated it all my life. The high temperature was 24.5C or 76F. This morning is warm at 17C or 62F as it was cloudy during the night. Though we are moving towards fall, we will continue to see lots of nice weather here.


I primed the kitchen walls for the second time. The can of paint was okay as I seemed to have, luckily, skimmed the layer off in one piece. The second coat certainly kills any green undertones from the lime green paint.


While I was priming, the Spousal Unit put the baseboards back on the other areas in the suite. He also put the trim around the fireplace. I got to help him as I finished up before he did. And, I remembered to put the lid on the paint can.


The cove trim on the sides of the fireplace hardly show at all. They blend into the wall so nicely. The cove around the hearth adds a frame which we both like.


Though I need to do a bit of caulking, this fireplace is ready for the gas insert on Wednesday.


We won’t talk about the one upstairs. I want to put a stone face on it and will be talking to the installers about that.

We headed out to shop after that job was done. We got more painting supplies and bark mulch for the yard. Not a lot of excitement but we were gone for a good 3 hours. One thing we did do was look for glass tiles for the back splash in the kitchen in the basement. I wanted a bit of something on the wall like we had in our last house. Finding it may be the bane of our lives though I did find a pretty mono toned one.


I did get a couple of hours of knitting in yesterday. The ribbing was done and then the gusset was set up and finished.


 I can see why she did the knit 3 in the ribbing as it makes the gusset start from the cast on - a designing element. I got the gusset stitches onto waste yarn, the three stitches cast on and several rows knit before I called it an evening.


I needed to put everything away as I had my phone, iPad, and remote on top of Elliott who chose to sleep between us. Once we covered him up with the blanket, he said leave him alone, and he slept the evening away.

Today, I have to paint the kitchen ceiling. Then I will do a bit of work upstairs and start scrubbing the downstairs bathroom. It is hard to believe the basement is almost painted. I will be happy when that job is done. But the list to finish up is quite long ranging from installing a kitchen to putting in fans, to lights, to ………………… But we are nearing the end which is fabulous. Next, my sewing room.

Until tomorrow…………………………

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Knit Then Unknit

Yesterday was an day of unusual weather. We had some wind with very fast upper winds which caused the clouds to go by quickly. We had a few showers in the morning which gave us very little rainfall but you could feel the dampness on your skin. The smoke was quite thick when we woke up but it was gone by noon but back again in the afternoon.


The first job of the morning was to prime the green walls in the kitchen. They were done by 11:00 and the room looks so much brighter. The first coat of primer is the hardest to put on when covering a bright colour.


The white primer made the room bright when it was dark and dull outside. I cleaned up and, to my horror this morning, I found I hadn’t put the lid on the primer can. I had run out to put the second coat of paint on the trim and forgot that one step. Too much on my mind and talking to the Spousal Unit.

Part of the afternoon was spent cleaning the kitchen. Though not really dirty, I wanted to wipe down the cupboards and appliances and do a general tidy up. It felt good to have it done.

Spoilt pampered Elliott was in a miserable mood last night. He sat on the end table touching the Spousal Unit’s arm with his paw wanting more food in his dish. No response. He finally bit the Spousal Unit. I fed him. Then he laid between us with a full belly and he bit me twice for petting him. Unfortunately for him, he got disciplined for that. He is sort of avoiding me at the moment.


I cast on the first mitten just before lunch. I followed the directions carefully as I want to understand the pattern in general. I am also making notes as what to do differently for our grandson’s mittens.


The first change I plan on making is in the ribbing. When you cast on your stitches and join to the round, you purl the first stitch, then knit 3 stitches, purl 1 stitch and continue 1 x 1 ribbing to the end of the round. You repeat that for the number of rows for the cuff. That little knit 3 at the beginning is for the gusset. My question was why in the ribbing? 

The second change I will make is the length of the cuff. I hate short cuffs on mittens. I would say the cuff for the child’s mitten is about 2” or less and I like 3” or a bit more. That will be done on this version as the only change to the pattern.

I knit on the mitten in my spare time. The gusset for the thumb was put on waste yarn and I cast on the three stitches to replace the three you started out with for the gusset. I knit four more rows and admired my work. No laddering at the end of the needles as I walk the stitches around the needles. Wait! What is that “laddering” by the gusset but down many rows? Drat, it was a dropped stitch. This was my knitting at 7 p.m.


I sat for 15 to 20 minutes thinking about the mittens. I dug out larger needles. I went from a 4.0 mm to a 4.5mm as I thought the tension was a bit tight. I cast on again and started the ribbing.


I kept the 3 knit stitches in the ribbing to see what it looks like in the end. I won’t be doing the pattern on the hand of the mitten. It will be a plain knit mitten. The purls and ribbing in the hand is nice but this is a prototype.

Today I have to put the second coat of primer on the kitchen walls even if I have to strain the primer. We have to go grocery shopping and get more painting supplies. I hope to knit on the mitten also.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mittens Are Done

Yesterday was cloudy, warm, humid, and yucky. You moved, you sweat. The a/c was slow at coming on as the outside temperature was at that magic number for quite a few hours. We suffered through it. This morning is cooler with lots of smoke and a light rain shower west of us. Not liking the looks of the smoke out there as it is getting thicker and thicker.


In the morning, I did the touch up painting around the doors with a small paint brush. Then I scrubbed the floor space. It was a tiny area with a good volume of dirt and paint on it. In an hour I was done. I was suppose to paint some trim in Grumpy’s Garage and totally forgot to do it. It wasn’t going anywhere so it is still waiting for me.


After lunch, we headed out to do a bit of grocery shopping and gas the Explorer. When we got home, I decided to relax. And to have some fun with Elliott. I accidently got him yawning but it looks like he is giving someone a lecture.


He decided he wanted to taste the chip dip so I put a bit on my finger.



After that was done, he decided it was nap time. Selfies are very tiring you know.


He actually hogged half of the loveseat when he went to sleep.


As the weather is a bit more like fall, I am getting the urge to sew. Even something simple and fun. Like a new purse, wallet and bag. My old purse is old, worn, and needs to be replaced. It has led me on a Google search. If I can get what I want, I will be making The Candace Purse and taking Zip It Up of which are by the same person. Ideas are floating in my head as I can get the pattern just over 2 hours from here. With this, I want to try Aurfil thread for sewing.


I spent a couple of hours knitting. It was fun to do work on it knowing that I didn’t have to rush downstairs to work in the suite. I had finished up the hand of the second mitten over the course of a couple of evenings. I just had to thread the yarn into the last stitches and weave in the loose end. I was ready to start the thumb.

When I did the thumb on the first mitten I gnashed my teeth as I put the stitches on the needles. They stretched out of shape a bit. This time, I put the stitches on using the smaller needles. I knit the next round using the larger needles. Worked very well. The picture was taken when I had the larger needles in but after the first row of knitting.


 I knit away until they were done.


Though I like the pattern, I do not like the after thought thumbs. I did the pattern to learn about mittens and I did learn a lot. So, I did an internet search and found a mitten pattern that has a thumb gusset. Tin Can Knits seems to fit the bill. The author of the blog lives about 3 hours from us near where I grew up as a child.

The mittens she shows has quite a bit of purling in them but I am game. Maybe I can  figure out how to have more knits than purls when I make our grandson’s mitts.

Today, I am priming two walls in the kitchen. When that is done, I am going to do a bit of housework upstairs. The dust is starting to show up on the furniture again. I also hope to cast on the first mitten to try out the new pattern.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Friday, August 28, 2015

Almost Done Another Area

Yesterday was warm; verging on hot. Our high got to 32.5C or 90.5F. You could feel the heat when outside. It clouded over in the evening and it stayed warm all night. At 6 a.m. it was 20C or 68F. We are suppose to have some showers today in preparation for periods of rain tomorrow.


As there was rain in the forecast, we made sure everything that wasn’t waterproof was put into the carport. The smoker was set up, levelled, and can be used again. Next week we would like to BBQ half of a pork roast we bought and smoke the other half.

I headed down to the suite to paint trim. I worked my way around the little area that has 3 door openings that needed doing plus one door plus some baseboard. At noon, I had one door opening and a bit of baseboard to finish up. Got it done plus some baseboard and trim in the shop in the afternoon.

We bought 2 gas fire inserts yesterday and they get installed next week. We, which includes Elliott, love fireplaces in the evening during the cool seasons. It will be nice for tenants to have some control over their heat in the basement also.

Sewing Room

I had a bit of time to think, once again, of the sewing room. It will soon be time to start work on that room. I did some paint swatch cross over from one brand to another. I think I found the colour. It gives me a giggle when I read colour names. Wings of a Dove and Albatross are very close in colour.

I then remembered a website for another sewing room. I had a good look at it once again. I won’t have a room that big or with that many windows, or 9 to 10 foot ceilings. But I can look and drool. I do know from looking at this sewing room, if we have to replace our floors I would love cork in the sewing room. Soon I can start making a list of what we need in that room.

Today, I am doing some touch up painting in the area I am working on and then I will scrub the floor. Once that is done, we have to do our Friday shopping and prepare ourselves to work in the kitchen.

Until tomorrow………………….

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Day Closer to Finishing

Yesterday was another warmer day with a high of 30C or 86F. Though they kept saying we had smoke, which we could see, the visibility on the weather website said 64 km. Difference of opinion it seems.


This morning is a cool 13C or 56F. There is cloud showing as it is to start raining tomorrow. Let us hope it helps with the fires burning both in BC and Washington State.


I headed downstairs in good time to paint the sanded areas. As I looked at the painting I had done the day before, I was amazed at how awful the one can of paint we had to have replaced was. Two to three different colours none of which were the right colour. It didn’t take long to do the small amount of painting on the walls and some trim for around the fireplace.

Once done, I started to wash the walls in the kitchen. It was dirty and greasy. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until I had three buckets of water used up. I staggered out at noon with the job done. Ready to prime and paint.

After lunch, I headed back down and painted the area that needed the second coat. Just over an hour later I emerged and put the second coat of paint on the trim. I was done for the day.


While I am painting and scrubbing the Spousal Unit is working outside. He did rock along a piece of the fence and has the edging in. We are talking about another row of edging and putting his rose bushes in there.


We have to get rid of all the blast rock in the yard as they are not kid friendly. We are trying to get what we need in place and then find out where we can take the rest.

The Spousal Unit also killed the lawn in the back yard as it was in terrible shape. He wanted it tilled but we haven’t heard from the person who was here to give a quote. So he got out a hand tiller and is getting the area ready to seed himself.


Jill was snooping around at the yard yesterday when I snapped these pictures. She is doing amazing since we moved here. Less stairs means less pain.


Less pain means more movement. She and Elliott were racing around upstairs in the morning while I was scrubbing. It meant she had to go outside to burn off some energy.

Today, I plan on painting the trim in the area I just did. The moulding for three doors, the bathroom door and the baseboard. We have to move some items in to the carport as we are to have rain this weekend. If there is time, I would like to prime two walls in the kitchen. As we get closer to the end of this project, I become more focussed on getting the painting done.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Discussion on Family

Yesterday was quite warm though there was a lovely breeze at times to cool you off. The high got to 29.5C or 85F. Our morning continue to be cool at 12C or 54F. We didn’t have any smoke yesterday but they are saying it is suppose to come back today.


Though the Spousal Unit didn’t get the sanding done on the walls I was going to paint, I did paint down and around the unsanded spots. It took me almost 3 hours to do the job but it looks so much better. No pictures until tomorrow.

The Spousal Unit worked in the backyard while I was painting. He is digging a trench around the fence, lining it with cloth and putting rocks in and doing a bit of back filling. He is trying to get rid of a bunch of rocks in the back yard. He stated he has 7 feet left to do. The area will probably be the area where he will plant his roses.

In the afternoon, we headed out to get the last top kitchen cupboard, kitchen/bath paint and some hornet traps. We had a couple of good laughs while in the store. The fellow who mixed the paint colour asked if the “Ancient Fossil” was to do with our age. My response was probably as we referred to the colour as “Old Bones”. We both like the colour as it gives a feeling of warmth to a house.

In the midst of the afternoon, I did some genealogy for the Spousal Unit. He saw a name in the local paper and wondered how he was related to him or even if he was related to him. Some searching found out the fellow’s grandmother was the Spousal Unit’s great aunt. I did a bit more research and put more names into our family tree. We had several long discussions on not knowing more about his family who lived 60 miles from them. The Spousal Unit always thought they were visiting friends when I dug up those family names from the Internet. In actual fact, his parents and grandfather would go and visit his grandfather’s sister and her husband and family. And the most interesting part was the Spousal Unit’s oldest brother and the fellow from the paper were born 6 days apart in the same hospital. The moms knew each other and probably visited each other in the hospital.

Today, the second coat will go on the area I painted yesterday. It will take most of the day to do as I will be in “wait for the paint to dry” mode. I will paint a bit of trim while I wait and wash some more walls. Not an overly exciting day but we are getting closer to the finish line.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Delicious BBQ

Yesterday morning we watched the smoke thicken up quickly. Unreal how thick it gets in such a short time. As fast as it thickened up, it thinned out. The winds have changed direction down south and the smoke isn’t coming our way as much. Our high got to 29.8C or 85.6F. This morning the temperature is 12C or 54F and there is no smoke. The cooler temperatures are a welcome as we sleep better at night.


Yesterday morning I pushed through the jobs I had to do. My head was a bit achy but I knew it was from the smoke affecting my allergies. I started the morning with washing the walls in the next area to paint. They were as dirty as the other walls which is a reoccurring theme in this house. The Spousal Unit took off some of the baseboards which I will wash, sand, and paint.


It is a small area and the last that will be painted with the paint we have on hand. After that I will buy kitchen and bath paint in the same colour for the kitchen and bathroom. I start at the top of the closest door, go down to the cabinet and then from the ladder around the corner to the opening to the kitchen.

We were really busy in the afternoon. The first thing was to get the prime rib onto the BBQ. A little research and we were ready.


Then it was downstairs to paint the ceiling and when that was done outside to hydrate and admire the area the Spousal Unit finished working on. Sorry the pictures are on an angle. We want to get a metal wall hanging for the fence ~ cowboy on a horse?


 Dinner was delicious. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. The meat was just slightly over done but was tasty and tender.


#meatcoma but we refrained from eating the 5 pounds of roast. We also had a salad with this meal. Next time I am adding onions to the vegetable mix. I marinated the meat in Balsamic dressing (Kraft) and then added a bit of dry rub to the meat. The vegetables were tossed in garlic olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of the dry rub. Though this meal takes a lot of time and planning, we do enjoy doing it and hoped the smells of BBQ didn’t have our neighbours drooling too badly.

Today, I will paint the walls in the small area. Once that is done, we have to head out and get the last kitchen cupboard, paint, and a few other tidbits we need down in the unit.

Until tomorrow………………………

Monday, August 24, 2015

Under the Weather and the Smoke

It was an unusual day weather wise yesterday. It was warm at 27.7C or 82F. It was also very smoky which wasn’t the most pleasant condition. This morning it is 14C or 58F. The smoke lifted some but I am sure it will be thick again today. They say it is partly cloudy out there but I am sure it is just smoky. The sun is trying to burn its way through the smoke.


I was under the weather yesterday. When we got home from grocery shopping, I felt almost sick. The cause was from being overheated the day before and from the accumulation of several other times I have had this happen since mid May. My body rebelled leaving me feeling like a mess. Hence, I did very little in the afternoon.

When we woke up yesterday, you could see the smoke from the US/Canada fires at the top of the hills around Kamloops. As the day went on, the smoke got thicker and thicker. They said we had a 5 km visibility which is about 3 miles. I think less as we couldn’t see very far.


This shot looks west and we couldn’t see anything past the trees less than .5 km from us. Looking north, we usually see hills and houses but this was our view.


The air smelled of smoke and it made my eyes water and throat sore (allergies). This was the worst smoke we have had all summer. We had one other day of smoke but it wasn’t as strong or thick as this one.

I had an issue with my iPhone yesterday, the first since I bought it. I took it out of my purse to a black screen. I couldn’t get it to work. I spent a good 40 minutes trying a list of things I googled on the internet. In the end, I had to hold one button down for a good 20 seconds before it started. I guess the latest update does that to some of the phones. What an annoyance especially when you aren’t feeling well. At one point I thought it would have to be replaced.

After lunch, I got out my knitting to see how often I could unknit the mitt I am working on.


I think I made every mistake known. First I put the thumb waste yarn too low.  Next I didn’t change needles for the hand part of the mitten. Knit, rip it out, knit, rip it out. All is correct and I am knitting away to decrease the top. My trusty helper watched me, got bored and had a sleep.


Putting his paw through the handle makes the bag his. Or at least that is what he thinks. He does love my knitting bag; to the point he will try to sleep in it.

The Spousal Unit decided he was going to haul rock from the back to the front and he got quite a bit done. I went out for a few minutes to admire his work.


And to photograph a grasshopper. There are plenty of them around due to the hot dry summer weather.


Today, I am going to scrub walls in the basement. I would also like to paint the ceiling in the next area I am working on. We are going to BBQ a roast today also so that will take up a bit of my time. It has been marinating in the fridge for nearly 20 hours now.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sanding Up A Storm

Yesterday was a warm 28.6 or 83.5F. It was a gorgeous sunny day. This morning it is a cool 12C or 53F. Fall is coming but we are still meeting our normal temperatures. The next few days are to be warm and sunny. It is smoky here this morning due to the fires in southern BC and Washington state. No complaining as others are worse off than we are.


I was asked why we had the trees removed. The spruce tree was too close to the house and was very tall. It dropped needles into the gutter and cones into ours and the neighbour’s yards. When we viewed the house, we knew it had to go. The three trees in the back yard were apple trees. We didn’t like the variety. They are high maintenance trees as you have to spray them to keep the bugs out of the leaves and the fruit. Our goal is to plant a peach tree (low maintenance) and put in three raised vegetable beds. The Spousal Unit wants to plant some roses out there also.

Yesterday morning, we spent time in the basement suite. We put up plastic to keep the sanding dust contained in the kitchen.


I spent the next hour or so in there with the mouse sander and did the lime green walls. I smoothed out all ridges and broke the paint’s glaze. Everything was swept down and the dust vacuumed up. I emerged with a layer of off-white and lime green dust all over me. Wiping my glasses made the world a whole lot brighter. While I was sanding up a storm, the Spousal Unit put baseboard on in the living room.

Next job was to paint trim and baseboard needed in the living room. Once that job was done, I hit the shower. It felt good to get all that dust off me. In the afternoon, we headed out to buy a stove and fridge for the unit. They are mid line appliances at low end prices. A good sale.

Once home, we worked out in the front of the house fixing up the little area between our house and the neighbour’s. We got the weed fabric down. It is very heavy and feels like felt on one side. It is held down with rocks at the moment. Then we moved a cement slab from the side yard to put the pot on. It is levelled up.


There is still more to do out there. The white post by itself needs to be cut back to 3” high, rock put along the fence and maybe around the cement pad, mulch on the rest and an edging put along the front. Next spring, we will probably take down the white fence and put up a 4 foot high fence to make it look nicer.

If we weren’t warm from that job, we soon were. We had to move and level the BBQ in the full sun. The Spousal Unit lifts the ends of the BBQ while I crawl around and put pieces of board underneath for the wheels to sit on. I did that for a good 40 minutes with the sun shining on me. Yes, I over heated again. I felt sick and slept the evening away on the couch.

Today we shop for groceries and then I will wash more walls in the suite. It feels good to know that we are coming to the end of the painting in the basement. Two to three weeks and it should be ready to rent out. Yes!! After the walls are washed, I am going to rest. Who knows what that will be as we are barbequing a roast for dinner tonight.

Until tomorrow……………………..

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tree Removal Day

Yesterday was cloudy, cool and a bit windy. The high got to 21.7C or 71F. We started to whine about the cool but stopped. We need a day like this once in a while. I read that it snowed in Calgary, Jasper, Banff, and a small community south of Hinton. That made light showers and cooler temperatures like a warm summer day. This morning it is 8.8C or 48F and the sun is shining.


We got up and ready early yesterday morning. As we were starting to cook breakfast the tree remover arrived. It was 7:05 a.m. Early and eager to go. We did the walk around and then headed in to eat breakfast. Less than 20 minutes later, the apple trees were gone.


The owner of the company had cleaned up most of the mess and we were really surprised. While that was happening one of his workers was taking off the limbs of the spruce tree.


The sun shone and the wind stopped blowing while this was done. Nice for him as he could put the limbs down where he wanted them.

The Spousal Unit held the rope tied to the tree while the young guys build a nest of branches to drop the blocks onto.


And the top of tree was cut off and stacked in our carport.


The next time I looked the tree was at this stage and the guy was cleaning out the gutters.


There were thousands upon thousands of cones on that tree.


One of the young men helped me in the front of the house as I couldn’t prune a lilac with the pruners the Spousal Unit gave me. He cut back the neighbour’s lilac bush so it isn’t hanging into our yard. We cleaned up the mess and he raked and fussed around until it looks like this.


It is ready for us to finish up which may even include a new piece of fence. We love that clean spot. Once done, we headed around to watch the last of the spruce tree dropped to the ground.




By 10 a.m., everything was cleaned up and they were gone to the next job. It was amazing to watch this team of 4 people take down the trees. The pile of branches by the stump is from a lilac bush that the Spousal Unit cleaned up after wards. We have another small area to level and prepare for the garbage cans to reside.


After the excitement of the tree removal, I decided to wash the walls of the sewing room. That room was dusty and had been painted recently. The previous colour was the same as the orange in the basement.


There is a bit of patching and sanding to be done, the baseboard and mouldings removed, and the room primed before I paint it. But, it is clean!! It smells clean!! And it was done before noon. I did something for me!! I wasn’t tired at all.

The afternoon was spent getting several items we needed. Once done, we decided to admire what was done during the day. In the evening, I got a text from Daughter. She was bucked off a horse and was at emergency waiting to see the doctor about swollen and very sore hand. They wrapped her up to her elbow and she has to return in 10 days for X-rays. Son has been posting pictures of the sunsets in the part of Uruguay they are visiting. It seems like they are enjoying their visit.

Today, I am putting up plastic to seal off the downstairs kitchen and sanding the walls. Once that dirty job is done and one wall is scrubbed, I hope to paint some trim and baseboard another coat of paint. The first coat left me unhappy. The afternoon is dedicated to buying a new stove and fridge for the downstairs kitchen. What I want is on sale with free delivery.

Until tomorrow…………………