2019 Monthly To-Do List

I have decided to put my monthly to-do lists on its own page. I will update it once a week and at the end of the month will add the next month's list at the top. That way the current month will be visible.

Fabric Out of the Stash 

October - 24.4 meters - my best month ever.   
November - 8.95 meters. 
December - 4.1 meters 


It is time to add the December to do list. I only have 18 days to sew in before I shut down the sewing room for a good cleaning. The machines go in on Dec. 19 to be serviced and I will start sewing again Jan. 1 or 2, 2020. 

The Goal

  • To continue to sew down the stash. It will be less than November as I have less time to sew. 
    • Week 1 saw me buy 1.8 meters of fabric and sew .6 meters. The remaining fabric is for doll clothes to be sewn in 2020.
    • Week 2 saw me sew 2.75 meters of fabric and not buy any fabric. I did buy 2 tea towels and embroidered them.
  • Clean the sewing room. 

Sewing Room

  • Clean the room. This means everything needs to be moved, dusted, and the floors washed. 
  • Sort and fold fabrics. Toss any scraps that are too small. 
  • Organize trims and notions to some degree. 
  • Plan January's projects. 


  • Grandson's pajama pants (Done Dec. 10, 2019)
Almost done here
  • Tea towels (Done Dec. 6, 2019)
  • Two tea towels embroidered. (Done Dec. 12, 2019)


  • Piping for Daughter (Done Dec. 10, 2019)
Three meters of satin piping 


With the UFOs finished in November, the goal is to knit up some yarn I have in the stash. I'm trying to get the amount I have down to a bin for each weight. I won't accomplish that this month but I will try to knit some each night. 
  • Knit doll hats and sweaters to go with the simple skirts I'm going to make. 
  • Test pattern for dolls. (Done Dec. 14, 2019)



It is time to do the November To-Do List. I have one free shipping this month (Nov 4) and will have a parcel to go out that week. (The free shipping was international so I paid for the last parcel to be shipped.)

The Goal

  • To sew down more of the stash. I don't expect November to be as good as October but one never knows. I have enjoyed sewing up the stash and would love to see the craft fabrics gone next year. 
    • Week 1 saw 2 meters sewn. I bought 3 meters of flannel for grandson's pajama bottoms. 
    • Week 2 saw 1.5 meters sewn, 1.5 meters cut out and no fabric bought. 
    • Week 3 saw 1.8 meters sewn. 1.7 meters is cut out and no fabric bought. 
    • Week 4 saw 1.95 meters sewn, non cut out, and no fabric bought. Grandson's pajama bottom pattern is traced. 
    • Week 5 saw 1.7 meters sewn and nothing has been laid out to be sewn. 
  • Not sew every day. Taking days off is healthy and I'm working towards a balance of sewing and non sewing days in January. 
    • I've been good about this. I do take one day a week off and will often leave the room early especially if I've finished a project. 
  • Limit buying of fabric to 1-2 necessary pieces. One piece is flannel for grandson's pajama bottoms (Purchased Oct 31, 2019 and nothing else has been purchased).  
  • To use the embroidery component of my sewing machine (Used it Nov 11, 2010)
  • To knit worsted weight yarn To knit UFO's

Sewing Room

I did a basic clean up on Oct. 30 and have been trying to keep my space tidy. Not easy when you are cutting meters of fabric. But, the mess does stress me so I'm working on keeping it tidier. 
  • I'm buying the desk in January as I'm busy with Christmas sewing at the moment. 
  • I've been through a lot of items in the sewing room and am using them up. The more you sew, the more you use. 
    • I have used up 3 spools of thread in the first 11 days of Nov and tossed at least 2 more since then.  
  • Think about pattern storage for the dolls. 

Last Box to BC

  • 2 pillow covers and a table runner. Also ended up with a table topper and 2 placemats.(Done Nov 5, 2019)

Fall Fair Sewing

  • work on drawers and chemise for doll's outfit
    • Do in good muslin. Take time to do each part carefully. This is the tiny sew. (Finished Nov. 24, 2019) I'm not sure they are Fall Fair worthy so am trying another pair. 
  • Winter reading pillow - snowflake, polar bear fabric and plain blue. I have everything, but the pillow form, for this project. I dug deep into the stash for the prints as I've had them for about 4 years now. The plain was bought for a bag I made in August. I ended up using on the polar bear fabric and lined the pocket with the lovely blue fabric. The pocket and the back pieces are on upside down so it will be donated to the library in January. (Finished Nov. 12, 2019 and it is not Fall Fair worthy)

The embroidery for the pocket

Christmas Sewing

  • Pajamas for grandson. I need to buy fabric and elastic for it. I have no flannel in stock for him. That is such a nice feeling to have. 
  • Tea towels that hang on the stove door. Ideas are floating for that one. 
  • Bag for a gift (finished Nov. 19, 2019)
  • Red lobster fabric - napkins and bags (Finished Nov. 28, 2019)
  • Doll pattern test (Finished Nov 11, 2019)
  • Piping for Daughter
  • Pillow for the library (Finished Nov 19, 2019)


The goal between now and January 1 is to continue knitting worsted weight yarn complete UFOs with one doll item I test for designers. I'm choosing patterns I am familiar with so I can knit them quickly and easily.  UFOs were finished Nov. 25, 2019.
  • Finish scarf to go with messy bun hat I knit. (Done Nov 5, 2019)
  • Finish knitting a doll's sweater that has been on hold for months now. (Trashed Nov 18, 2019 as it refused to unravel for me.)
  • Finish knitting grandson's socks that have been on the needle for months. (Finished Nov. 23, 2019)
  • Test pattern knit (Finished Nov 17, 2019)
  • Scarf from left over jeans yarn
  • Finish a hat that I started last winter. (Completed Nov. 22, 2019)

  • Finish doll's shoes I started in the summer (Finished Nov. 25, 2019)
  • Bonus - doll sweater and hat (actually 2 hats) (Finished Nov. 28, 2019)



It is time to update October's To-Do list. Week One is done and the first free postage parcel was sent Oct 1.  

The Goal

  • To have fun sewing projects in the sewing room. Keep the stress and anxiety down to a minimum. Tear away stabilizer is great to use under satin when making a rolled hem. Bag handles can be two sided when short of fabric. Making something cute while learning how to do techniques is fun. 
  • It's okay not to sew every day. Taking days off is good. Oct. 4 we went out and I only spent 60 minutes in the sewing room. 
  • To use up fabrics on the fabric shelves and not buy any fabric for October's to do list. Interfacing is permitted for bags as I only buy 1-2 meters at a time due to its bulkNo fabric has been bought since Sept.19, craft weight interfacing found in the stash, and 3.5 meters is heading to Daughter as she needs to make 3 boys western shirts. I also sent her another 4 meters. 
    • Week 1 has seen 7.75 meters out of the stash. 2.7 meters is on the table and started for Week 2.
    • Week 2 has seen 9.25 meters out of the stash. 
    • Week 3 has seen 4.5 meters out of the stash. 
    • Week 3 saw me buy 3.2 meters of fabric for bags that will be sewn and shipped by Oct. 31. 
    • Week 4 saw 5.9 meters sewn; 2.7 meters from the stash. The 3.2 meters I bought is cut up and in bags. 
    • Total fabric sewn/gifted -- 24.4 meters.
  • To start sewing for next years fair and to continue making bags for sale. A bag is on the table ready to start sewing. Prepaid bag for a friend. 
  • To use the embroidery component of my sewing machine once a month.
  • To knit mainly worsted yarn. The doll projects use a lighter weight yarn. I've been knitting down the Downton Abbey yarn for them. One skein of worsted knit and I am working on the Downton Abbey yarn when I am test a pattern for one designer. 

The Sewing Room

This will be hard for me to do as I love to enter the room and sew. But to get the room back to minimalistic, I need to deal with decluttering and organizing.
  • Order the desk for the sewing room so I can put away items that are floating around in the closet and room.
  • To sort through a drawer or bin or ?? for 10-15 minutes before each sewing day. I need to check some fabric I put on the shelf. A dolly skirt was made and techniques practiced. I've also looked at items I have and need them all at this time. When the time comes, I will purge them though I hope most will be used in projects
  • Decide what to keep and what to toss or give away and do it. I'm having a bit of a problem here as most everything is a keep at the moment. I keep looking in bins and tubs. As I sew down items and use up notions and trims, I'm not replacing them. I'm tossing scraps quite quickly as I really don't need to keep every piece to use it all up. 
  • Keep the task small so it will be done and not ignored. One thing I've been monitoring is spools of thread and bobbins. 
    • There are colors I'll never use again. I've been using up those colors for basting. I've tossed 2-3 empty spools plus emptied a couple of bobbins while basting piping onto bags. Though a small task, it is starting to have an impact in the sewing cabinet. 
    • Look what I found - three spools of lime green thread. Why did I buy 3 spools of it? I guess I will be using it when I make test muslins. This is telling me to organize the thread in the thread drawer to see if I have any other unusual color purchases.
    • I did clean up the thread drawer (Oct 9) and have all the tails tucked into the spools. I have green thread that I will use some but not all. Blue threads are in abundance that need to be used up. Pinks and reds are coming in at a close third. I need to check thread color before I buy any more. Close is going to have to work.


Fall Fair Sewing

  • work on drawers and chemise for doll's outfit
    • Do in good muslin. Take time to do each part carefully. This is the tiny sew. 
  • Winter reading pillow - snowflake, polar bear fabric and plain blue. I have everything, but the pillow form, for this project. I dug deep into the stash for the prints as I've had them for about 4 years now. The plain was bought for a bag I made in August.
The embroidery for the pocket
    I will need to buy a pillow form for this project. 


    • Daughter's lunch bag - navy blue plaid that has everything I need. I'm making my own piping for this one which I love to do. The interfacing is on the shelf. (Done Oct 3, 2019)
    • Bag for friend using dog fabric which has everything I need for it. There is a piece of rust fabric for piping. (Done Oct. 5, 2019)


    • Red lobster fabric (2 napkins) (Done Oct 6, 2019)
    • Bonus - Cowboy Rag for daughter (Done Oct. 3, 2019)
    • Bonus - Cowboy Rag for daughter from fabric she has shipped to me. (It ended up being 3 cowboy rags - Done Oct 15, 2019).
    • Bonus - Bendy bag for daughter for a fun gift. Fabric, zipper, and thread are in the stash. (Done Oct. 9, 2019)
    • Bonus - Doll's skirt to practice techniques on serger and sewing machine. (Done Oct. 6, 2019)

    • Bonus - Test a doll's dress for a designer. 
    • Bonus - Reusable bag - gift

    • Bonus - Reusable bag - gift

    Anything else that gets sewn will be a bonus. The focus will be on the red lobster fabric as this is UFO.  


    The goal between now and January 1 is to knit worsted weight yarn with a doll items I test for designers. I'm choosing patterns I am familiar with so I can knit them quickly and easily.  
    • Finish jeans messy bun hat. (Done Sept, 30,2019
    • Reknit pink messy bun hat (fall fair entry) and use up remaining yarn for a scarf. (Started Oct 30, 2019)
    • Test pattern for Pixie Faire (done Oct 18, 2019) and private designer (done Sept. 28, 2019)
    • Messy bun hat that has been ordered. (Done Oct. 3, 2019)

    • Messy bun hat that has been ordered. 

    If I have time to knit more, the focus will be on a hat that Daughter ordered. I have the yarn for it and will start it after I finish the test pattern. 
    October's been a productive month. 

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