Doll SWAP 2017

SWAP = Sewing With a Plan

2017 Less is More SWAP Rules

Eleven garments divided between Upper, Lower and Over pieces. These are tops and dresses; bottoms; and layers, all defined later. There are minimums and maximums in each category, to provide balance and variety. You decide the final distribution.
Upper: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Lower: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Over: Minimum 2, maximum 5. No more than ½ may be outerwear.
You decide how many of each, within the numbers above, to total 11 garments.

Your twist: Each garment in a category must work with at least half of the garments in each of the other two categories. Example 5 Upper, 3 Lower, and 3 Over. Each upper would need to work with 2 Lower and 2 Over garments in combinations that you will actually wear.
There is a rogue -- 2 dress that do not need to work with the lower garments.
Number of patterns: 3 to 8

The Doll's Take

My take on the dress:

Red knit top

Top - denim patterned
Navy knit top

Woven top - turquoise

Jeans - refurbished from an old pair of my jeans

Leggings - denim stretch knit
              - what do we have in the stash

White fleece jacket with bling closure (we can wear this with jeans you know)

Grey 3/4 length coat
Crochet cowl (worn over half your body) - off white with blue flecks in it


Extras that will finish the wardrobe
Plaid scarf
Knit socks and mitts - plain colour
Hat (slouch beanie)
White tights

Shoes and boots

Black canvas sneakers
Denim blue canvas sneakers
Grey Ugg boots
Black ballet shoes
Brown cowboy boots

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