Christmas Once A Month 2020

A member on a forum and I have been talking about sewing Christmas once a month. It has been decided we will sew from the 23-25th of each month excluding December. We can cook Christmas, listen to Christmas music, and have a bit of Christmas decor out if we so desire. 
I will be keeping track of my makes here and will post links to tutorials or websites. 


Amount sewn - 

February 23, 2020

I started a table runner/topper for our dining room table.
I've since sandwiched it with batting and backing. The center piece has rows of stitching 1" apart. Ready to do the border and then prep it for binding. 


Amount sewn - 2.5 meters.  

January 2, 2020

I made a back drop for the nativity scene using a painter's canvas. There are many ways to do this on Pinterest. I sort of followed this one and this one, which I found on YouTube. 

January 4, 2020

With my machines home, I wanted to do a test run on my sewing machine. It purrs like a kitten and runs so smoothly. I whipped these mug rugs up. 
One tiny project done already.

January 24, 2020

Tree skirt is done. I added lace and gimp to it. Not really happy with the how that part turned out but no one will see it. It faces the back of the tree. 

January 27, 2020

Table toppers are done and the Christmas sewing is done for January. 
This table topper was done by tracing the shelf and fixing it up some. It has thick flannel as batting. A very simple item to make. 
These table toppers are done in a more traditional quilting way. The batting is thick flannel and they have binding that is hand sewn down (I do it while the embroidery machine stitches out designs). 

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