Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts On A Coat

Yesterday was another lovely day with the sun shining. It wasn't overly warm with a high of 2.7C or 37F. This morning the temperature is almost the same identical number with a chance of it cooling off and us having freezing rain.


I worked 4 hours yesterday morning and learned cash. It is a stressful process with validating after nearly every step. After doing the third transaction we got word that we get new tills next week. What I learned yesterday will not be done with the new tills. Hurrah for technology!!
Doing cash is quite different than cutting. You are really doing light work -- cash and putting away notions. After 4 hours, I was mentally tired from learning but not physically tired.
At home, the Spousal Unit and I talked about yard work that he wants to do. He can see a couple of patches of green lawn in the back yard and is chomping at the bit to work outside. He knows he will have a crappy three weeks after his chemo next Tuesday but he hopes this is the last one. He wants to be outside working as he feels so good and knows he will feel just as good by the end of February.  


I didn't get a lot of sewing time yesterday. House work prevailed. I pinned up the hem on the red t-shirt. Pressing it is next and then prep it for twin needle sewing. I want it ready to go to the store today.
This morning while reading blogs I follow, I read Diary of a Sewing Fanatic's rendition of a coat she saw on the Internet. I enjoyed reading what she has done as I had bought this pattern on Saturday.
My goal is to make a winter coat using this pattern along with knitting cowl scarves to wear with it. As I was walking through the fabric store, I had thought about making it for other seasons ~ spring, summer and fall in a shorter length. What could I use? Fabric came to mind -- plaids for casual, knit faux leather for spring and fall, and what is there coming in the next couple of months. I need to read the instruction sheet and think about this neat pattern.
In the next breath, I won't be making it with the Rachel pockets. The pattern is OOP and it can be bought online at BMV for $30.00 and on Ebay for $26.00 USD. They both work out to the same when you add shipping. I'm not buying it due to our weak Canadian dollar.
I got one idea for an apron to wear in the store. The pattern is Butterick 5506 that will be shorter and with no pockets. 

I am thinking navy twill with this design on the front.
I see aprons being worn in the future.  


I got the second piece crocheted on to the afghan. I now need to pin on the third piece. As I do this job, I keep thinking about the border. I'll post a picture when I have it ready to do the border. You'll see why I am thinking. There is no pattern as the co-worker's mom would see an idea and work on it never writing down her ideas. She was truly talented.


I am home to 5 p.m. I work from then to 9 p.m. We are moving drapery fabrics around into the new system. We will be sore as those rolls of fabric can be heavy. Sorting them will be fun as they need to be coded and put on the right shelves. I know we won't finish the job but it will be nice to get a good portion completed.
At home, I have laundry to do, a couple of floors to wash, and sewing the top.
Until tomorrow........................

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