Monday, January 04, 2016

Snow Makes Whiteness

Snow makes whiteness where it falls.
The bushes look like popcorn-balls.
The places where I always play
Look like somewhere else today.

--Mary Louise Allen

Yes, it snowed last night. Another inch. It is suppose to snow more today. It is still cool out there so the snow is dry and powdery.


We headed out first thing yesterday morning to the hospital as the Spousal Unit had to have blood tests done. We came right home to clean up the kitchen and put a few things away.

I worked a five hour shift yesterday and there was a steady stream of customers coming and going. We got the fabric behind the double cutting table cleaned up and a few areas around the store tidied up but...
I left with roller coaster feelings. I had to let go of those feelings as it was the best that could have been done.

I did watch Downton Abbey last night. I am so happy that it is back on and so sad that it is the last season. Not only will I miss the plot and action, I will miss looking at all the clothes they wear. Kudos to the dressmakers who made all those lovely clothes for the six seasons the show ran.


I spent some time in the morning cleaning up the sewing room and getting the room set up so I can sew again. The ironing board needs to be set up, one leaf put up on the cutting table and I am ready. Yes!!!

I had hoped to buy 5 meters of white knit in the bargain center for 2.00/meter. It is to be used as muslin for the first top I am going to make. I will get it tomorrow.

Today, we see the oncologist as tomorrow is chemo day. We have to get groceries and a prescription filled. In the afternoon, I am going to sew another plaid infinity scarf. I really am looking forward to sewing again. If there is time, I hope to trace a child's apron and it may just get made also.

Until tomorrow.......................

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