Friday, January 22, 2016

Rambling Thoughts

Yesterday was a warm day. The high got to 5C or 41F. This morning it is 3C or 37F. The temperature is to be warmer with just a hint of freezing for the next few days. There is to be no rain, lots of cloud, and maybe a tiny bit of sunshine.


Yesterday was an 8 hour work day. Before I left for work, I cut out the back and front of the t-shirt and laid the sleeve and neck and cuff pieces on the fabric. They need to be put on the grain of the fabric, pinned, and cut out. Yes for a good before bit of time in the sewing room.
I got to work early so I swept the store floor. We seem to have a never ending amount of fluff and dust bunnies accumulate on daily basis. I really like keeping them at bay. Our day was busy with everyone of us (4) cutting for the better part of the day. When it was quiet, we put away fabric and tidied up. I left tired and sore but knew I had done a lot during the day.
I curled up on the couch last evening and relaxed. I started to fall asleep about 8 p.m. but managed to stay up to 9 p.m.
The Spousal Unit is feeling quite a bit better and has prepared himself to prime the closet and front entry way. He should get that done prior to his next chemo session.

Rambling Thoughts


  1. The new spring fabrics are starting to arrive and I am wanting to sew them up. But, I am keeping myself tuned up and not buying any of them. Other than store projects, I have said I will use up the fabric in the stash. I can and will buy patterns, pattern tracing pellon, and notions that I need. Many items will end up being muslins in preparation for store projects using current fabric in the store. I am happy with that thought process. I remind myself that I am trying to have little or no stash.
  2. I am trying to build a wardrobe that I really want to wear. I mull this in my head all day long, even at work. I enjoy creative clothes, but they are not my style. I stay away from that and ruffles. Instead, I look for casual clothes to wear and more simple lines. I do like piping, some trims, a bit of lace, and am warming up to scarves. I never thought I would warm up to scarves.
  3. As I get patterns for projects, I am not looking at building slopers for now. I will get to them later this year. I also want to learn how to do freehand pattern making. I will make my patterns on tracing pellon to have for future reference.
  4. I want to sew for Daughter-in-Law, Grandson, and the Spousal Unit. I will get that done here and there once I get some time to work on it. The Spousal Unit is first at this moment.

Christmas Once A Month:

  1. I finally said out loud at work that I could not buy any more Christmas fabric. The staff is diverting me away from that department as there are a few pieces I would love to purchase. At 75% off, it is hard.
  2. I got January's project up but haven't made any more of the bags. I want to make several more to put into the craft box. It is on the agenda to cut out three more of each size to sew up. I may have to buy some plain cotton to line the bags with and need to buy ribbon for them.
  3. February's project is done and ready to be posted at the middle of the month. It isn't done in Christmas fabric. I want to cut out two more to sew up. I have to get twill tape or gross grain ribbon for them.
  4. March's item is in the design phase so I am on track with that. The item will be made in Christmas fabric.


  1.  The scarf I was working on is done. I think I have figured out how to block it.
  2. I am going to work on the afghan for a co-worker. I need to spend some quality evening time with it.
  3. My next knitting project will be a simple scarf for myself. Not sure what pattern but it will but it is to go with a sewing project I have in mind.
I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I need to do and how I want to have a cohesive wardrobe. Right now, both of my store projects can be worn with denim leggings but only the red top can be worn with black leggings. That is okay as I can have two colour ways in the closet. My personal knitting needs to be compatible with my wardrobe. That is taking me on a thought journey to make a simple coat in dark grey or black to showcase some scarves. Wish me luck.


I don't work today so we are going grocery shopping and then I want to sew on the red top. If I have a good run at it, it should be finished today. That would be great. If not, I should be able to finish it before work tomorrow.
Until tomorrow..............................


  1. Sounds like you are back in the sewing mood! I haven't been to Fabricland since before Christmas. I too have been sewing from my stash. I took a lot to value village last month. I have three pieces of linen that I want to make into summer dresses. We were in Mexico for a week and it was really hot and humid. I wore dresses all the time and they seemed to keep me cooler than capris and tops. Since I don't work anymore and my lifestyle doesn't call for fancy clothes very often I am sticking with casual and wearable clothes. I made two sweaters for Spousie in December. I would like to make him some summer shirts later on. Good that Dave is feeling better.

  2. You have been working hard, and well done for keeping away from the Christmas fabrics. (I love your finished Advent Calendar, by the way.)