Thursday, January 21, 2016

Project One is Started

Yesterday started off cooler and it got warm during the day. (-5.3C or 22.5F to 3C or 37.5F). This morning it is 2C or 36F and it is suppose to get to 7C or almost 45F. It did rain some during the night and the temperature got to 3C which is the warmest we have seen for a while. The sun shone beautifully yesterday with little or no clouds in the sky. It was certainly a lovely day.


We headed out early yesterday morning to get bedding. It was on sale which was great. While in the store, we ordered filters for the fridge and will have them in two weeks.
I worked 4 hours in the afternoon and it was steady. We did get the fabric put away and some areas cleaned up. I was tired when I left the store but happy to see it looking so much better.
My eating habits have improved; less white flour in my diet. My thyroid seems to be functioning somewhat better and 3.5 pounds fell off in the past 2 days. I think I was retaining fluid from the above. I am going to focus more on my eating habits as the stress of our lifestyle has suddenly decreased. We are also getting more daylight and sunshine which is helping me out considerably.


I had a bit of time to work on the first store project. The red knit was washed and dried. It bled so am happy I washed it alone. It is a light weight knit so I can wear it in all seasons but summer.
I traced the pattern and laid out the overlay onto the lace. It was cut out and then I sat and trimmed the selvage edge away to have a scalloped edge.
The red fabric was laid out and the front and back pieces are pinned on.
Once cut out there is just the sleeve, and neck and sleeve bands left to do.
I need to thread the serger and sewing machine with red thread and have a good time sewing. The pattern is rated easy and it shouldn't take that long to sew up.
I did buy more at the store yesterday. I got 2 blades for my rotary cutter, a piece of orange/red knit to repair my work shirt, some lace, and a remnant of Malden Polar Tec fleece. I have two remnant pieces of the Polar Tec fleece now and will make Grandson two vests out of them; emerald green and navy blue. 
McCalls 6222

The whole pattern is really usable for him.
I see a fall store project happening if this pattern isn't discontinued


I work a full 8 hour shift. I am hoping that I won't be so tired tonight as I want to crochet on the afghan. I would really like to get it done for her to enjoy.
Until tomorrow............................

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