Monday, January 25, 2016

Practicing Twin Needle Hem

Yesterday the temperature got up to 4C or 39F. The roads were drier making it nice to drive to and from work. As we finish work at 5 p.m. we got to drive home before it was dark. Soon, we will be driving home in early dusk. So nice.


It was a 5 hour shift yesterday and we were a team of 5. Short one person but we did well considering how busy it was. Most of the fabrics are put away and what isn't is stacked together as to where they go in the store.
There was a wide variety of fabric sold; quilting cottons, garment fabrics, and drapery. A lot of bolts got emptied which was nice.
We talked to our son, daughter, and grandson last night. Son got home from Malaysia about 1 a.m. Sunday morning and was showing signs of jet lag. He had a great time meeting his new co-workers at the week long meeting they had. It was hot there with very high humidity. Next trip is about June in Montreal. 


I got the neckband on the shirt. Now I am practicing to sew the hem as I want to do a twin needle hem. I will be using 1/4" steam a seam to hold the hem in place and then will stitch it in place. It took some time practicing to get the stitch looking nice.
I decided to also spend some time building a wardrobe plan. It has been hard work as I don't want to buy a lot of patterns and use what patterns I own or design. I am watching the fabric as I do want a couple of pieces. One is a plaid for a camp shirt that is 50% off in the store.
I chose two colour ways and will be working on them as I can. I will do four garments at a time in one colour way plus an apron. The apron is to keep my clothes from getting ruined.
My next top is one piece for the navy core four.


I work cash for 4 hours and will be home by 2 p.m. I want to do laundry and sewing this afternoon. I really would like the red top done. It is so close. It has been a great adventure refreshing my sewing knowledge and techniques on knits.
Until tomorrow..............................

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