Monday, January 18, 2016

More Done On the Muslin

Yesterday started out cool but somewhere along the way, either earlier than I realized, the low dropped to -6C or 21F. The high got to 3.6 or 38.5F. It didn't snow as predicted.


I worked a 5 hour shift and it was busy in the store. We were kept behind the cutting tables for the vast majority of the shift. If it calmed down, we ran to put away fabric of which I think I got 10 bolts put away. We got our break near the end of the shift it was that busy and we were short a co-worker who had been in an accident the day before. This sale has been crazy busy every day for the past five days. The only reason the store gets cleaned up is evenings are slower in the winter time.
I think I am slowly recovering from my thyroid being underactive. It is one of two times in the year when it seems to be underactive and we can't do anything about it. I am feeling more alert and the brain is functioning so much better. I don't seem to have to work as hard on focussing.
ZippiKnits, I have always had lots of muscle cramps. Sometimes it is caused by hyperventilating, other times I need to add magnesium to my diet, other times, it is caused by fatigue. This time I think it is fatigue as I have been really tired (thyroid issues and a lot of working hours).


I got into the sewing room yesterday morning. The white knit muslin is coming along nicely. The second front side section was sewn on and looks good. I moved on to the back and stabilized the shoulder seams and have one side of the godet sewn in.
I love having all my seams finished even in knit wear. I serged the front princess seams together. The back was a different story. The seams aren't serged at all and won't be for this muslin. When I sew the garment fabric, I will serge the back seams and godet seams prior to inserting the godet. That has been worked out.


I am off work but am going in early to get the patterns and fabric for store projects. I am still deciding on colours for the top and dress. Will the top be black with red lace? The dress is not talking to me at all so I will have to figure that one out. The Spousal Unit's shirt will be blue with a funky matching fabric to do the piping and under collar and cuffs in. Something fun for him. I also have to do housework and try to finish the knit top muslin. Hopefully pictures tomorrow.
Until tomorrow........................

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